The Caretaker Federal Minister for Information, Murtaza Solangi, has clarified that the Higher Education Commission (HEC) has not issued any decisions or recommendations to universities regarding the elimination of Pakistan Studies from their degree programs.Solangi made this clarification in response to a motion presented by Senator Mushtaq Ghani, who asserted that the HEC had eliminated Pakistan Studies from the curriculum at the undergraduate level.“The concerned ministry and HEC have not issued any decisions or proposals to eliminate the subject of Pakistan Affairs or any other course from the undergraduate curriculum,” informed the information minister to the Senate.Solangi emphasized that all undergraduate policies suggested by the HEC meet the essential minimum standards for such programs. He also emphasized that universities have autonomy within the boundaries of their respective laws.As per the caretaker minister, a course on Pakistan’s ideology and constitution has been integrated into all undergraduate degree programs. Murtaza Solangi further explained that this course amalgamates elements of Pakistan Studies and the Constitution.He disclosed that the HEC is presently in discussions with relevant stakeholders to formulate a two-credit-hour mandatory course for all undergraduate degree programs.

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