HEC Issues Strong Warning Against Two-Year Degree Programs

HEC Issues Strong Warning Against Two-Year Degree Programs

Warning Against Two-Year Degree Programs

The Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan has issued a stern warning to students and parents, advising them against enrolling in two-year BA, BSc, MA, and MSc degree programs. This announcement comes as the HEC continues its efforts to phase out these programs, a process initiated with extended deadlines in the academic years of 2019 and June 30, 2022, respectively.

Despite these measures, certain higher education institutions have admitted students into these two-year programs beyond the specified deadlines. The HEC has made it clear that degrees obtained from such programs will not be recognized or attested by the commission.

In a recent statement, the HEC emphasized its authority, as outlined in its Ordinance, to establish conditions for the operation of higher education institutions across Pakistan. This includes institutions not affiliated with the State educational system. The HEC is also tasked with formulating policies, setting standards, and determining priorities to improve the quality of education nationwide.

The commission’s warning serves as a crucial reminder to all stakeholders about the importance of adhering to the updated educational guidelines. The HEC reiterated that the move to phase out these two-year programs is part of a broader strategy to align Pakistan’s higher education system with international standards, thereby enhancing the quality and competitiveness of Pakistani graduates.

Students and parents are urged to seek admissions in recognized four-year bachelor’s and two-year master’s programs to ensure their degrees are valid and meet the regulatory requirements set by the HEC. The commission has also advised higher education institutions to strictly follow the revised guidelines to avoid any potential repercussions.

The HEC’s vigilant stance underscores its commitment to maintaining and enhancing the standard of higher education in Pakistan, ensuring that students receive education that is both reputable and globally competitive.

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