HEC rejects Govt’s decision to affiliate colleges with private universities


The Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan has rejected the government’s policy in which the government allowed private universities to affiliate colleges for degree programs.

In a public notice issued by HEC, the Commission took the stern stance that only HEC has the right of decision making in the higher education sector therefore no private university can affiliate with any college.

The notice further stated, “It is publicized for awareness of general public and the higher education fraternity that HEC by virtue of its Ordinance is the sole and apex authority to prescribe conditions under which institutions including those that are not part of the state educational system, may be opened and operated. HEC is the sole standard-setting national organization with regard to higher education in the country.”

“HEC has prohibited the private sector higher education institutions (HEIs) to grant affiliation to colleges or other institutions owing to grave irregularities in management and compromise on quality standards in the past. Private Sector HEIs can only operate through their accredited Principal seat/main campus and accredited sub-campus having NOC of HEC as reflected on HEC website,” the notice further read.

HEC also said, “It is once again reiterated that any degree earned through a college/institution/centre which is affiliated with private sector university in Pakistan will not be recognized by HEC.”

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