HEC Tightens Regulations with Affiliation Policy 2024

HEC Tightens Regulations with Affiliation Policy 2024

HEC Affiliation Policy 2024

The Higher Education Commission (HEC) Pakistan has enacted a stringent rule in its Affiliation Policy 2024, applicable to universities or institutions that confer degrees.Under the new Affiliation Policy 2024, the HEC requires these universities or institutions to secure a no-objection certificate (NOC) from the HEC prior to forming affiliations with either public or private colleges. Moreover, colleges already affiliated will be subject to desk reviews by the HEC to continue their affiliation status. It is now compulsory for universities to submit detailed information about their currently affiliated colleges via the HEC portal.In response to any non-compliance with this updated policy, the HEC has resolved to implement severe measures against educational institutions, including the refusal to attest degrees and other disciplinary actions. Infringements of this policy may lead to a prohibition on college affiliations. Additionally, the commission has determined that it will not recognize degrees or documents from students who are enrolled in contravention of these regulations.According to the policy draft, universities are now restricted from affiliating new programs with colleges unless those programs have been active within the university for at least five years. To facilitate effective enforcement of this policy, the HEC has introduced an online portal. Universities are required to upload information about both their new and existing affiliated colleges on this platform.This information will be evaluated by the HEC Review Desk. It’s noteworthy that this policy comes into effect nearly a year after the commission ceased allowing public sector universities to grant new affiliations to colleges.

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