HEC Warns Students Against Illegal University Sub-Campuses

HEC Warns Students Against Illegal University Sub-Campuses

HEC Warns Students Against Illegal University Sub-Campuses

The Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan has announced a ban on student enrollment in unauthorized sub-campuses of private universities. This announcement was made in a social media post.

The HEC has issued a comprehensive notification listing both authorized and unauthorized sub-campuses across the country. Among the 109 universities and institutes reviewed, only 42 sub-campuses from 20 institutions have been declared legal by the HEC. Notable among the legitimate campuses are those of Riphah University and the National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences- FAST in Lahore.

In its alert, the HEC has strongly advised students against enrolling in unauthorized sub-campuses, cautioning them that degrees from these institutions will not be recognized. The commission emphasized that enrolling in such institutions would be a waste of time and money.

“The students’ future is our top priority, and we are committed to maintaining high standards in higher education,” said an HEC spokesperson. “We urge students and parents to verify the status of the sub-campus before enrollment.”

This directive is part of the HEC’s ongoing efforts to ensure the quality and credibility of higher education in Pakistan. By identifying and publicizing the authorized sub-campuses, the commission aims to protect students from the risks associated with unrecognized degrees, which can negatively impact their career prospects and further education opportunities.

Students and parents are encouraged to consult the HEC’s official website for the complete list of authorized sub-campuses and to stay updated on the latest developments. The HEC continues to monitor and evaluate educational institutions to ensure compliance with its standards and regulations, thereby upholding the integrity of Pakistan’s higher education system.

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