The National Academy of Higher Education (NAHE), HEC has launched the training of Cohort-II of the Interim Placement of Fresh PhDs Programme (IPFP) fellows under the National Faculty Development Programme (NFDP) 2021. As many as 177 freshly qualified PhDs of Cohort-I have successfully completed their training.

NFDP 2021 is a four-week online learning programme to accelerate the transfer of essential knowledge, skills, and attitudes in three dimensions of a successful career as a faculty member, viz. teaching and learning, applied research, and professional practice. The programme has been designed for a pre-placement training of the IPFP fellows. It will be delivered in an online mode, while international experts along with national experts will lead the delivery to ensure this programme to be at par with international standards.

Rector NAHE Dr. Shaheen Sardar Ali inaugurated the launch ceremony of the Cohort II of NFDP 2021. In her opening remarks, she highlighted the efforts of NAHE to run IPFP, NFDP, and other training programmes and initiatives, and reaffirmed her commitment to delivering the best possible within the limited available resources. She emphasised the significance and need of skillful and well-equipped teachers for raising the quality and standards of higher education in the country.

The Rector NAHE advised the participants to gain maximum benefit from the opportunity, wherein NAHE has engaged renowned national and international resource persons.

The participants were briefed through an online orientation to familiarise them with the selected IT tools and other techniques being used or to be adopted throughout the online learning programme.

A number of different activities and technologies will be utilized to achieve its learning objectives, which include daily live webinars using Microsoft Teams, Reading Boot Camps, Writing Boot Camps, Group Projects, Juries, Panels and Mentoring.

The participants success is based on their assessment in all the said activities and assignments. The learning assessment will both be formative and summative.

The third and last Cohort of NFDP 2021 is scheduled for mid-November to mid-December 2021.

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