A sweeping investigation has been initiated on a significant scale today in response to directives from the Chief Minister of Sindh issued a few days ago. The focus of the inquiry will be on financial irregularities and manipulations within the examination results of the Board of Intermediate Education Karachi (BIEK). Key figures implicated in corruption include Azim Siddiqui, Zareena Rashid, Zahid Rashid, Shujaat Hashmi, and Kashif Siddiqui. Additionally, the former Chairman, Dr Saeeduddin, and the former Examination Controller, Islam Chohan, find themselves entangled in the web of this mega corruption scandal.

The investigative team, comprised of Rafique Barirro, Shah Mir Khan Bhutto, and Shahzad Fazal Abbasi, will delve into allegations that span the past three years, exposing high-scale favoritism towards specific students in the allocation of A-grades. Shockingly, millions of rupees were recklessly spent from the board’s financial budget.

Dr. Saeeduddin and Islam Chohan are among those held accountable for manipulating results, while the current Deputy Controller, Azim Siddiqui, along with Zareena Rashid and Shujaat Hashmi, are implicated in various wrongdoings. Azim Siddiqui, in particular, is accused of acquiring millions of rupees through fraudulent billing practices within the board.

Further complicating matters, it has been revealed that a government vehicle is being unlawfully utilized under Azim Siddiqui’s authority. Moreover, the children of officers associated with the Intermediate Board and Matriculation Board were allegedly preferentially granted A-grades, casting a shadow over the integrity of the examination process.

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