Highest-paying jobs after a degree in Clinical Psychology
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Highest-paying jobs after a degree in Clinical Psychology

Highest-paying jobs after a degree in Clinical Psychology

Clinical psychology is a growing field in Pakistan. The scope of clinical psychology in Pakistan is immense. It is trending upwards, and it will continue to do so. Clinical psychology is one of the most popular disciplines within psychology for many reasons. A degree in clinical psychology in Pakistan holds a lot of importance. It is one of the most important fields for a successful yet secure career. A person holding a degree in clinical psychology can easily find a job in the healthcare system, be it private or public. Qualifying in clinical psychology surely opens a gateway to tons of job opportunities that too with the highest of salaries. Are you on the lookout for the highest-paying jobs after a degree in clinical psychology? Well, you have landed on the right page because in this article we have discussed everything about the highest-paying jobs after a degree in clinical psychology.

1. Clinical psychologist

A clinical psychologist is one of the highest-paying jobs after a degree in clinical psychology. A clinical psychologist is a psychologist who is concerned with the assessment as well as treatment of patients and their families with mental health as well as many behavioural disorders. Clinical psychologists work with individuals having severe psychiatric as well as behavioural illnesses. They also help to reduce psychological distress among people and promote psychological well-being.

2. Neuropsychologist

A neuropsychologist works in various settings such as government or private hospitals, clinics, universities, pharmaceutical companies, research centres, and much more. Neuropsychologists are mainly trained to perform cognitive tests, assess people suffering from various brain injuries, study how certain drugs have an impact on the nervous system, and run various brain scans. Neuropsychologists also participate in large-scale studies as well as research projects.

3. Clinical data scientists

Clinical data scientists are mainly in charge of analyzing data from neurocognition, behavioural, psychiatric as well as computerised tests and assessments. Clinical data scientists also support technical staff, principal investigators, etc.

4. Clinical counselling directors

The main role of the clinical counselling directors is to oversee daily clinical operations that include; proving administrative support as well as supervising the employees. A clinical counselling director is also responsible for counselling, monitoring outreach, and consulting. Clinical counselling directors are also involved in professional training, reviewing policies, procedures, and compliance measures as well as monitoring record-keeping standards by leading committees.

5. Forensic psychologist

A forensic psychologist mainly works along with judges, witnesses, and crime victims to analyze as well as explain the psychological aspects of the crime cases. A forensic psychologist may also prepare witnesses to testify in the courts, provide expert testimony, etc. Law enforcement officials mainly rely on forensic psychologists to create criminal profiles of crimes that help narrow the field of suspects.

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