You need motivation, discipline, commitment, hard work, and a lot more to study. But none of these skills, traits, or habits will help if you do not have the willpower to study. How many times do you feel so empty that studying feels like an impossible task? How many times you cannot wake up early because you find nothing more important than sleep? Above all, how many times have you preferred gaming, hanging out with friends, or watching Netflix to studying? All of this happens because you do not have the willpower to leave everything and prioritize studying. You need the willpower to study, to exercise, to eat healthy, or to do anything that is not effortless or already a part of your routine. Here is the answer to how I Increase my willpower for studying. 

Study with the end goal in mind

 Sometimes, we skip doing important things in our lives because we are unconcerned about the results that are attached to our actions. For example, if you want to clear an exam, you should have the results that you want to achieve through studying in mind. Some people set daily reminders to do this. Remind yourself daily what are you working for and what is the struggle of your life meant for.  

Never let your days be wasted by oversleeping 

When you wake up in the middle of the day, the maximum of your time is wasted. First, you do not see the morning light that enhances the willpower of a person. Second, you are left with very little time so you cannot complete the maximum of the tasks of your day. This means you will not be productive enough. This disappointment is carried on to the next day and again you have very little willpower to wake up and study. This vicious cycle keeps on running like this. So, the first thing to do is to train yourself to be a morning person. Do some morning activities, take a walk, have a good breakfast, drink coffee and see the difference.  

Use your willpower wisely 

We do not have an indefinite amount of willpower for a day. It is calculated and limited for each day. So, you should be wise enough in spending your willpower every day. If you waste it doing unnecessary things first, you will be left with very little to do important things. For example, you decide what clothes to wear, get ready, and then go to your university. All of this takes your effort or you can say willpower. A smart way to deal with this is to decide your clothes and do the maximum of your preparation at night. Likewise, manage your tasks of the day in the order of priority. This way you will not be left with the least willpower for the most important task in the end.

Get a proper sleep

Just like oversleeping is not right, sleeping for less than the required hours is counterproductive for you. Imagine yourself working with a tired and lethargic mind. Yes, this is the mind that has not taken a proper sleep. Many researches support this idea. Even, a study tells that an intoxicated mind and a sleep-deprived mind are very similar to each other. Now you can tell why making decisions or working with a sleepy mind is not productive.  

Train your brain like you train your muscles 

Like our muscles need exercise to grow and work efficiently, our brain needs its own kinds of practices. Meditation is one of the recognized techniques that helps a brain grow and work properly. Willpower and decision-making power come from a part of the brain called the prefrontal cortex. Research has proved that meditation increases the grey matter in the prefrontal cortex of the brain. You can do some other exercises that stimulate your brain activity like playing some manual games and doing exercises that work for you, etc.

Make studying your habit

Last but not the least, making studying your habit will reduce the willpower required to study. Push yourself in the routine, do it daily until it has become your habit. At this stage, you will just start studying without needing extra effort to start it.

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