Why is self-esteem important for success?

Why is self-esteem important for success?

self-esteem important for success

Why is self-esteem important for success?

Many studies show a positive relationship between success and self-esteem. This means you are more likely to be a successful person if you have good self-esteem and vice versa. But what is it and where does it come from? Self-esteem is your worth in your own eyes. It is how you evaluate yourself and your capabilities. You can also say it is your belief about yourself. There are multiple factors that determine our value for ourselves. These include past experiences, accomplishments, genes, the way we react to the environment, and how we see failure, etc. What it determines is how we struggle for our future, how well we behave during our distressed circumstances, and what we achieve in our life overall. So, it decides a lot about the course of our  lives. In fact, the students who have high self-esteem perform well in exams and are overall high achievers. Here is the answer to Why is self-esteem important for success.

It makes you confident about yourself

First and foremost, it makes us have confidence in ourselves. Since this phrase is used every day, this sounds like a small thing. But everything is affected by our belief and confidence in ourselves. How we behave in our classroom and with friends, how we take challenges, and how we react to complicated situations; everything is dependent upon our self-confidence. Having self-esteem means we are confident and clear about everything. 

Let us do a small test to check whether you have good self-esteem or not. What happens when your professor tells you that there will be an extraordinarily large syllabus for your exams? Do you freak out or start thinking about how will you prepare it? If you are the person who freaks out, this means you have very low self-esteem because you have no confidence in yourself. However, if you start thinking about how will you prepare it, this means you have confidence that you will get through it. Moreover, this means you believe in your capabilities and that you are not afraid of dealing with big challenges. 

In short, self-esteem builds confidence in you that is required to actively and successfully deal with the challenges of life. Having low self-esteem means you have no confidence in yourself that you will be able to do anything great in your life.

Right decision making 

Having confidence in yourself means you will not be afraid of taking big decisions. For instance, you have to sacrifice your social life for the sake of your studies. A person who has low self-esteem will not take this decision because they don’t think they will be able to work on it. On the other hand, a person who has high self-esteem believes in their capabilities and the power of big decisions. Only the people who believe in themselves can take such decisions. 

Moreover, if you think you cannot achieve anything, what will make you sacrifice your fun for the sake of your studies? However, if you think you can achieve it, you will do anything to make it happen. 

Thus, self-esteem makes you make the decisions that will take you towards your aim for life. You will direct all your energies to achieve the goal that you have always dreamed of achieving.

Hard work, self-discipline, and consistency

These are the traits that are required to achieve anything big in your life. If you want to get good scores, clear an exam, secure admission at some big university, establish a business or anything; you will have to be hardworking, disciplined, and consistent. Guess what? These traits come with self-esteem. 

The person who does not have belief in their competence will never be motivated to achieve something. Whereas, people with high self-esteem will work hard with consistency because they are confident they are moving in the right direction and that they will reach their goal sooner or later. 

In short, your motivation, willpower, and passion everything are derived from self-esteem. Work on your belief about yourself and start working on your journey from today. It is your journey and only you can pass it as a hero. Good luck!

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