how to make studying fun?


In this article, we will share three tips on how to make studying fun. Please leave your valuable comments down below.

High-scoring students do not waste time on fun activities. The students who go out with friends and are involved in other fun activities cannot be successful. These are the myths you have been hearing since your childhood.

However, the fact is totally different. Only those people who manage their studies and leisure activities can have a happy and successful life together. And, it is possible to be a fun-loving and high-scoring student simultaneously. Here is how.

Bring a balance in everything you do

Why are we not able to separate fun from studying? This is because we are not trained to bring a balance in our activities. You see students around you who are either studying desperately or ones who are busy in their fun activities and do not care  e for exams. There are very few ones who do both. And these are ones that most of the students are inspired by.

Well, keeping work and play separate is a habit that comes through practicing balance in every activity. Let us suppose you do a morning walk. You cannot exceed the time as you have to get to your university. Likewise, when you start reading a book, you cannot spend the whole day on that as you have other important things to do. Well, if you spend your whole day on a book, that is no longer a productive habit.

In order to manage both fun and studying in your life, you will have to bring balance to every activity. Whether it is reading, cooking, writing, playing, sleeping, exercising, or anything that you love to do or you have to do, keep it in balance. Practicing this balance will train you to manage all your activities (fun or academic) in a healthy routine.

Do not use fun to avoid studying

Most of the time when you are having fun, you are doing it to avoid your studies. No matter what you say to convince yourself but if you feel guilty about it, know that completing your study tasks is more important at the moment.

Do not linger on with it because it will be a double loss. You will neither be able to enjoy your time nor will you have time for studying. Force yourself to take a step and leave all the fun activities until you spend the expected hours studying or completing the task for the day.

You are only able to enjoy your leisure time when you are free from other responsibilities or when there is no other stressor. So, make both your study and fun time full of quality.

Instead of using study hours for fun, you can do any activity that you enjoy as a reward after studying. Rewarding yourself after you have studied for the required time will strengthen your study habits and will help you keep these two activities distinct from each other.

Focused studying hours

If you really want to be that cool person who is so carefree even during the stressful exams period and is managing their other activities, too, you have to practice focus.

When you are unable to complete a two-hour topic in four hours, you are not putting all your concentration into it. Two hours of consistent and focused study is much better than seven hours of studies with your social media, messages, or other distractors.
In this world of social media, we have a lot of things that are more attractive than studying around us. Well, this is the challenge. It is very difficult for us to spend even thirty minutes without it because we are just conditioned to pick up our phones and open WhatsApp, or Instagram right away. Start building your habits of studying without these influences so that you can enjoy your leisure time afterward.

You can start with an hour of studying and then fifteen minutes of social media usage. You can make it two hours of consistent study and then a small break when you have practiced this routine.

Make a schedule that you can adapt to easily. The principle is not to think about studying when you are playing (or having fun through any activity) and not to be distracted by anything when you are studying. Only then will you be able to study productively and have a quality fun time.

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