There are different categories of students in a class. Almost every class has a student that maintains to get the highest marks in every semester and a student that completes every assignment on time. At the same time, there are students who are totally opposite of it, too. The ones who come on the last of the list and get their assignments done by others in the last hours. Then, there is this category of students who are doing other things along with their studies, too. Like, they are participating in other co-curricular activities, reading extensively, and are enlightened about their subjects.

There are a few students who are great both in their studies and other productive activities too. These are the ones that you are most inspired by. In fact, all other students can be inspired by such people. Well, you can be that student who others want to be like by following just a few steps.

Always be prepared

Being prepared for the situations makes you handle any circumstance with composed nerves. In a class, when an unexpected quiz comes up, the teacher wants to take a surprise test, or there is an unusually large syllabus for the exams, you should have all the possibilities in mind. You know your teachers better. Be prepared for the tasks they usually give you. You must have seen students who freak out the moment they receive quizzes or and difficult assignments. Be not that student. Staying calm and focusing on the solution will make you a better performer. Freaking out takes your energy and weakens your problem-solving capability. So, from now on, stay calm and think with a productive mind in your class.

Read and have an analytical mind in the class 

Reading gives you a broader perspective about any idea. When you read your topic from different sources, you have more to think about it and talk about it. Moreover, if you just have a reading habit not particular to any subject, it enhances your analytical skills and gives you more to think about. It stimulates you to find different tangents to one topic. Furthermore, when you sit in your class with that analytical mind, you are better at participating in the class, having a better understanding, and knowing more than other students. This automatically makes you a distinguished student that students are inspired by.

Give Proper time to your studies daily

Never go in your class with a blank mind. Try to have a general idea about the topic before class. Also, take time for studying every day. When you go to your class without preparing the previous lecture or the coming one, it diminishes your confidence. And that is exactly the opposite of the qualities of a bright student. What is more, it keeps you involved in the class, and instead of just waiting for it to end, you become a productive part of the class. This not only inspires other students but also makes you a serious student in the eyes of your lectures.

Now, if you find it very hectic to prepare your lectures on a daily basis, believe me, it is not that much if you make it your habit. Just giving two to three hours daily can make you prepared for the next day’s classes.

Participate in other activities of the university

If you just go to your university to take classes and study, you are not living a good university life. This can make you a good student for your department but for the whole university, you are just like any other student. How to change that? Participate in co-curricular activities that you are interested in. Going to other universities for a debating tournament or a play competition, you are representing your alma mater on a bigger level. This makes you a special student for your institute. Moreover, you groom way better than other students in your class. Thus, you are a student that they want to be like.

Being a part of different activities is not important, being good in them matters. So, whatever you do, make sure you are putting in your efforts and giving a proper time to it. Good luck with your endeavors!

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