Tired of procrastination, here is how to stay motivated in studies.

Motivation is not only a wave of hormones that incite a will to do something, and then it disappears. Listening to the motivational speakers of today, it sounds like these few moments of passion, but motivation is a lot more than that. It is a will to stay alive and work for a better future. To give you an example, people with depression have no motivation so they feel like there is no purpose in living. However, the people who are motivated just when they listen to some speech or an inspirational story do not have that long-term motivation that is actually required to work consistently. 

If you are a student and want to stay consistent in your studying habits, you will need motivation that does not go away after a few minutes. Instead, it should be a part of your personality that never disappears. 

You will have to understand what motivation is and where it comes from. Moreover, you need to know whether you have fulfilled all the requirements of a motivated student. In this article, we will explore all of this to discover how to be constantly motivated for studies. The content of this article has been gathered from brilliant that is a website committed to making learning interesting and fun. Motivation comes with many other things that work as a cycle. Here are the components of it explained one by one. 


Realization is the first step towards motivation. But the realization of what? Have you ever, in the routine days of your life, felt that there is something missing or that you are lacking something in your life. It is very much related to that. It is when you find out that you need to know to get one step ahead of your life, that what you are doing is not enough, or that you are not meant to be what you are now. This realization leads to the next stage of the cycle.


Real motivation is impossible without crisis. Have you ever been in a state of crisis? We are talking about the crisis that you have about yourself and what you are doing in life. When you are at a stage of your life where you are unable to find its meaning or comprehend the happenings around you, you are probably in a state of crisis. You might have questions like, ‘what am I moving towards?’, ‘what am I doing with my life?’, or ‘what is going to thebe the end of my struggle?’ Let’s make it simple. You are in a crisis when you do not know the goal of your life so there is no direction for motivation for you. 


After passing through the state of crisis you come up with some knowledge or ideas. This is where you discover your goals or the direction where you should move. Now the discovery comes either from your own research or from someone else’s knowledge. This means it can either be innovation or guidance from some other experienced person. When you discover what your problems are and what do you want to do in your life, this leads you to the next stage. 


After you discover all that you needed due to your crisis, you get an understanding based on the knowledge you have. This is the understanding of the circumstances around you. You get to know what do you want to achieve in your life and what to avoid. For example, you need success in your career so you need to avoid the circumstances that are taking you away from that.  


This is the most important component of the motivation cycle. The understanding leads to the necessity to gain something. For instance, you eat daily without missing a day because you know this is a necessity. Otherwise, you will get weak and sick. So, every motivation has that necessity behind it. If you already are famous enough, you will not be motivated to work hard for fame. Likewise, if you already have an established career that you love, there is no need to work for your career. Or, if you do not feel the need to get good grades, you will not be motivated to study hard. In short, you need a strong reason and a necessity behind every motivation. 


Here comes the last stage, an unending motivation. This motivation is not derived from outside sources; it comes from your inner self. And, the real motivation is only possible if it comes from within. 

So, if you are not very motivated for a cause, inspect it and find out what stage is missing. I hope you liked “How to Stay Motivated in Studies” please share your valuable thoughts in the comments section. Good luck! 

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