How to be a Productive Person?


We strive daily to make our days productive. Somedays we wake up with the disappointment that we are doing nothing with our lives and somedays, we are motivated to bring a difference in our lives. But most often, we waste our days without fulfilling anything we promised. For example, we do not exercise, do not eat healthy food, and maybe do not study for the hours that we set as a target. Why is it so? We will share tips on how to be a productive person. 

There are many reasons. First, we set high expectations that are impossible to meet in the set timeline. The real change does not start happening in a day. Second, we never take a new start in our lives in a planned way. We just think we have to do this and never consider how. Third, willpower is an important reason. If you do not have the willpower to work for a goal, you will never be able to achieve it. Well, working on your willpower is your task. Collect your motivation, find the reasons, and tell yourself why is it the most important thing for you to do. If you are serious to bring a change in your life, here is how you can do it. 

List down all the changes that you want to happen in your life

The first step is to note down all the things that you want to happen in the future. This sounds like something everyone says, right? But how many of you do it and then make the right use of it? So, write down if you want to set your sleep pattern, your eating habits, or your studying routine. And then bring them in a plan.

Give yourself enough time

When you make a plan to achieve your goals, don’t be too hard on yourself. You cannot do all the things in a week. So, make a plan with flexible timelines and micro-goals. This means you cannot say you will make a habit of studying for five hours daily by the end of this week. This, my friend, is not practical. Give yourself enough time to adjust to a new routine. And start from small targets like 2 hours of study with a break in between every day.

Take one step at a time 

You cannot achieve your targets all at once. Being a human, this is not a practical approach. We need time and energy to complete one task so we have to take care of that. For example, if you use all your willpower in convincing you to wake up early, you will be left with very little energy to deal with the rest of the tasks. So, take one step at a time. Once you think one habit is getting in form, start working on the next one.

Set daily reminders to never get off the track 

Getting off the track is very easy in this world of technology where we have a lot of distractions. So, set daily reminders and tell yourself you have to bring your life in discipline, you have to achieve this particular goal for the day, and maybe you can remind yourself why is it so important to you. 

Keep evaluating yourself 

Self-evaluation against flexible timelines and easy targets is very important. You can definitely set higher goals with time but in the beginning, you don’t want to get disappointed so easily. So, you can evaluate yourself every week to see what did you achieve and what you have to work on. It will motivate you to keep working. 

Show yourself some love when you achieve a goal

You deserve appreciation and love. Don’t wait for someone else to give you that. When you have achieved a goal, reward yourself with your favorite food, buy yourself something, watch your favorite show, hang out, or do anything you love.

The right thing will happen but not tomorrow

When you are working to improve your lifestyle in this way, you will make yourself a highly productive person one day. Keep working for that and be consistent. Don’t expect a big change to happen in your life overnight. The right thing will definitely come to you but not tomorrow. It will take time only if you are persistent. Keep thriving.

I hope you liked the “How to be a Productive Person” article. Please share your valuable thoughts in the comments.

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