How to choose the best postgraduate university in Pakistan?


How to choose the best postgraduate university in Pakistan:

When you complete your undergraduate degree, one of the most stressful times of your life starts; finding the right university for your master’s. After that, for a Ph.D., you are mostly aware of the dynamics of different universities and know which one will suit you. In this article, we will share the exact process on How to choose the best postgraduate university in Pakistan.

But for a master’s degree, you generally have a few options before you, a lot of expectations, and high competition. Particularly, if you do not have any senior who can guide you through all the processes, you are all on your own.

First of all, get over the undues expectations or unrealistic standards that you have set for yourself. Only then can you follow the best way of finding the right university for your next degree.

In our country, there is no trend of career counseling so students face real difficulty in deciding the right courses and institutes for themselves. However, here is a step-by-step guide for you to follow if you are looking to do your master’s in a university that fits you the best.

Set your priorities

You should be clear about goals and which degree can help you with them. Now, of course, you do not have a lot of choices for that. For instance, if you have done your bachelor’s in psychology, you can only choose from areas related to it or that are close to it. Select at least two to three programs that you can consider studying.

Prioritize them in order. If you want to do your master’s in clinical psychology, you can consider cognitive sciences or health psychology. Likewise, you can choose an MPhil degree too if your interests are more in teaching and research than practice. To find the right university for your master’s you should be focused on the specific areas of study that you are looking for.


When you are considering a university for your master’s program, the ranking of the particular department matters more than that of the overall university. So, you can search for the best universities for English Literature, Psychology, or anything in Pakistan.

You can check two or three ranking systems and then look for the institutes that you want to apply to. Never always go for just the top-ranked universities. Select at least two options that are not very highly ranked to enhance the chances of your acceptance.

Shortlisting universities

Shortlisting universities can be tricky and tiring. The story does not just end at the ranking of a department, you have to do your research of the institute as well. Check how recognized this university is internationally (particularly if you are planning to study abroad) and also, check the faculty.

If a university ranks good that definitely means it has a good faculty. But you have to check for the details. Like, the interests of professors in research and their areas of specialization. A Master’s is usually a research-intensive program. And if you are looking for that, check the profiles of faculty members to see if your research interests match theirs or not. Shortlist those universities that best suit your research goals.

Moreover, if you are interested in practice more than research, check the opportunities that universities have for you. Some universities offer internships, and some send their students on different placements.

Anyhow, considering all the prospects, ranking, and interests, shortlist at least four universities for applying in Pakistan.


When you are applying for a master’s, you are putting your efforts, spending fees on the applications, and working hard for it. Do it only for the universities where the possibility of admission is maximum for you.

For example, if you think your academic record is not very excellent, applying to a high merit place is in vain. You can save your dreams of studying at the best university for your next degree. Success demands patience and effort through gradual progress. So, this time, apply to those shortlisted universities that have bright chances of your acceptance.

If you believe, you will perform outstanding in the entrance test and compensate for the previous grades, you can consider one or two such passionate options. If not, stick to the smart choices.

In short, finding the right university for a master’s program demands some homework and depends on many factors. Considering your goals and aspirations, you have to very smartly apply for the best-suited institutes. So, if you seriously want to catch the next master’s admissions, start working for them now.

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