Who does not like to be the most intelligent person in the class? Everyone does. But what everyone does not like is to work for that. Intelligence is not always a God gifted trait. It is something that can be practiced and improved over time. That’s why there are techniques to increase your intelligence and everyone can do this. The only thing that is required is the courage to work for it. Before moving on to the techniques for how to improve your intelligence, here is what intelligence is and what are you actually doing when you are improving it.  We will share tips on how to become smarter. 

Intelligence is simply defined as the ability to think, analyze, and find effective solutions to problems. To say it is a problem-solving ability would not be wrong. Now there are ways to solve problems. Human beings develop tools to solve problems. They can be both physical and mental. For instance, we cannot open a door when it is locked so we have a key for it. This is the physical tool. Now the mental tool can be an idea, a new technique in the mind, or a problem-solving strategy that you use to deal with complex problems. Even the new words that we learn are mental tools. These are all the things that make our problem-solving skills better by changing the way how we interact with the world. So, when you are improving your intelligence, you are working on your ability to solve complex problems. Here is how you can do it. 

Books reading plan

If you are taking it as an ordinary thing that everyone tells you, you are wrong. I know you hear it from every other person as advice. But what we are talking about here is not about that. You do not have to complete a lot of books in a year. Instead, you have to read books with a strategic plan. 

When you read books, you are actually adding to your mental tools. You are adding to new ideas, complex situations of the world, people’s behaviors in different circumstances, new words, and much more. Moreover, you are challenging your minds and extending their limits of understanding. By doing all this, you give your life meaning. You know what is the meaning behind whatever is happening with you or around you, you get to know the bigger purpose and then analyze the situation with a better perspective. This adds to your mental capabilities to solve complex problems which means your intelligence is improving.

 Now, what does it mean to read it with a strategy or a plan? People usually have this idea that they have to read as many books as possible. This will add to their speed and capacity of reading. But what are they learning from it? Or how is it affecting their intelligence? I don’t think it is causing a difference. When you are just focusing on reading as many books as possible, you are trying to pick up easy books on the ideas that you are familiar with. But here, you do not have to do that. You have to study from easy to difficult books. They can be five books to ten books a year. Believe me, they are better than twenty books that you gained nothing from. 

Why difficult books?

Your purpose is to test the limits of your brain and to condition it to learn new ideas quickly. Moreover, you have to add to your mental tool kit and that is only possible through difficult books. There are two things that make a book difficult. New ideas and abstract ideas. 

New ideas are the ones that your brain is not familiar with. A book that has a difficult vocabulary, new problems, and ideas that you do not already know about, you find difficult. 

Abstract ideas are the ones that cannot be sensed with five senses. They are complex philosophical or scientific ideas that the brain finds difficulty in understanding. 

When you start with easy books and then increase the difficulty level step by step, you are working on gaining novel and abstract ideas that will multiply your intelligence. Not just that, your reading capacity will increase, you will get a better meaning of life, and your analytical skills will improve. 

Thus, start from today. Read some history books or fiction based on true historical events. You can then move to philosophical books. By this time, you will start understanding what books should you read next. So don’t worry about making a list. Just take a start. Good luck!

I hope you like tips on how to become smarter, Please leave your valuable comment down below.

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