How to increase mental focus and stay sharp

How to increase mental focus and stay sharp

How to increase mental focus

Staying focused and sharp is always a struggle. In this digital era, we are easily distracted. It is hard to focus on things even if we want to. The inability to concentrate on a task might get frustrating at times but don’t worry, in this article, we have listed some of the most effective strategies that will help you to increase your mental focus and stay sharp.

1. Train your brain

New scientific research has shown how brain training activities enhance cognitive abilities and concentration. Brain training games can also help in developing an individual’s working and memory, as well as their problem-solving and processing skills. People can play brain-stimulating video games, chess, jigsaw puzzles and sudoku in order to train their brains.

2. Eating well

This is one of the most important strategies as your brain needs lots of good fat to function properly. Choose foods that moderate blood sugar, fuel the brain and maintain energy. Reduce sugary foods and fizzy drinks that may cause spikes in your sugar levels making you feel dizzy. Fruits and vegetables can keep your sugar levels even.

3. Reduce multitasking

Multitasking not only hampers your ability to focus but compromises your work quality as well. We may think that performing multiple activities at the same time makes us feel productive, but this is clearly not the case as it only leads to poor productivity, poor concentration and lowers our focus.

4. Try to focus on the moment

It might be frustrating when you are not able to concentrate on a task but remember not to give up and always try to focus even if it may seem hard. It is tough to concentrate, especially when your mind is always in the past worrying about the future. Learn to train your mental resources to focus on those details which matter now. Our minds always go in the direction we choose to focus on.

5. Eliminate distractions

Close all social media apps, keep your phone hidden and out of your sight. Many researchers have stated how the cognitive abilities of an individual get better when their phone is out of sight. Make a practice to block your time when performing a task so that you can focus better and work efficiently. Remember your primary focus is to complete your tasks.

6. Take breaks

When you focus on something for a long period of time, your focus may begin to die down and you may find it difficult to devote your attention to the task. However, taking small breaks will help you to refocus your attention which can dramatically improve your mental concentration. You will always come back with a more focused mind to keep your performance high.

7. Practice meditation

Meditation can strengthen mental fitness and improve focus. During meditation, our brains tend to become more relaxed and calmer. This process helps people not to be distracted by their minds.

8. Exercising and getting more sleep

Start your day with simple exercises. Exercise can boost up our brain’s serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine levels which affects our focus and attention. Physical movements also help the muscles to relax and relieve the tension in the body, which also helps our mind to focus better. Getting more sleep will make our minds active and will help in focusing on the things much better. However, avoid using phones, tablets or watching television before bedtime as it can ruin your sleep cycle.

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