How to increase the chances of your acceptance to international scholarships?


Scholarships at international universities are definitely very competitive. You do not just have to fulfill all the requirements but prove yourself to be the best in order to make your application distinct from others. You cannot be a hundred percent sure about your acceptance but here are the things that you can do to significantly enhance the probability of your acceptance to international scholarships. 

Be smart and efficient about your references 

Reference letters have a very important role in your international admissions and scholarships. So, you have to be very smart about them. What does that mean? 

You can simply not ask any teacher to write a recommendation for you. There are two things that you must consider before choosing your referees. Their relation with you and their own profile. By relation, I mean how strongly your referee knows you. If they are your supervisor then you must have worked with them a lot. Likewise, if you have worked with a professor as a research associate, that again is a very good option. Secondly, your referee cannot be any person. If you think you have a professor who has a great career in research, that can be a great option. Just see if they also have a good profile. 

A mistake that students make is not to intimate their referees on time. You should submit your references on time not to be like other applicants who take them for granted. Timely and well-written references by the professors who know you well can make you a very strong applicant.  

Be very accurate about personal statement 

You can call your personal statement the most important part of the application. So, be very careful about it. Students generally submit the same personal statement with a little bit changing for many scholarship applications. That is a very big mistake. Every application requires you to explain yourself and your career differently. Look at the description, again and again, make bullets, and write your statement very accurately with respect to the program. Only then you can call it a strong personal statement that can make the admission board consider your application.  

Do submit optional documents and statements 

Some applications have some optional documents or statements to submit. It means they leave it to the applicant whether they consider them important enough to submit or not. For instance, you might have an option to submit your thesis with the application or some diversity statement for the programs that are meant to select people from diverse backgrounds. Do not take them for granted. You have to be the best among all applicants so do everything that is in your hands.   

Give every part of the application its proper time 

There are generally different pages of an application. Some parts just need some information and others are extensive. Give every part its due time. If you have to compose a CV in a particular format, do not think that you can compose it in the last few minutes.  Reserve at least a whole day for it. Make it extensive and detailed to the extent you can and revise it again and again. Every such thing is going to affect the decision.  

Your scores matter a lot

Where your personal statement and references make a huge difference, your academic and other test scores can also be the deciding factors. Your CGPA matters a lot in your acceptance, particularly in the research-intensive programs. Try to manage a very good CGPA. Likewise, scores in other tests like English language tests (IELTS or TOEFL) or GRE, etc. are also very important. Work hard for your scores because they can take your chances of acceptance to even eighty percent. 

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