How to make full use of your university time?

How to make full use of your university time?

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How to make full use of your university time? Ultimate guide

When you go to your university and graduate, you are two different people. If you are not, that means you have not learned enough. In this article we will share tips on how to make full use of your university time. 

University life is one of the most important times of your life. It is the time when you are entering adulthood and you need to experience a lot of new things. This phase of life gives you that chance. It is not all about books and exams. In fact, these are just a small part of it. You learn a maximum of the things outside of your class. 

Yes, you will have students in your class who come to the university to attend classes and go back to their homes. The maximum fun they have is going out for lunch with friends. They might perform very well in exams, too. But that’s it. They do not learn any skill, they do not groom their personalities, they don’t experience or learn new things that might challenge them so, they have not made even fifty percent use of university life. 

What do I mean by making full use of university life? It is to use this time to learn everything that this precious phase of life has to give you. It does not happen by merely taking notes and studying back in home. 

Study outside of classrooms

Whatever major you are studying, you cannot be excellent in it by just focusing on the set study outline and the teacher’s lectures. Bring your knowledge into discussions and applications. A classroom should not be the only place for you to learn something about your field. It is like restricting yourself to four walls. 

When you are in a university, you have many people from different backgrounds around you. Everyone thinks differently and has different ideas. The best way to trigger your mind to think intellectually is to take benefit of this company. Sit with these people, discuss an idea, challenge yourself with the opposing point of view, and study from different resources. You must have a library in your department and university. Use these places, they all are made to facilitate you. 

It is highly disappointing that more than fifty percent of the students of a university do not even have library cards. This is because they do not give importance to this mode of learning. Well, use every mode that is available to you particularly a library and study circles. If you have missed going to the library during your degree, you have missed the best place to go to a university.   

Participate in challenging activities 

Don’t be afraid of challenging yourself with new experiences. This is the right time to participate in activities that can be difficult. This can include different competitions to take part in or to complete some projects. These things are also going to benefit you in your career or future studies too. 

Let us say, you are trying to apply for a scholarship, your bookish knowledge is not sufficient for that. You will have to prove how you handle challenging situations, how good of a problem solver or a leader you are. Likewise, if you are going to apply for competitive exams, your overall knowledge, your capacity to understand complicated concepts and handle stressful situations is what will help more than your course outline. 

Do some co-curricular activities.   

Co-curricular activities teach you a lot in university. It is not like the activities during school. You are going to be with adult minds. For example, almost every university has a society for parliamentary debates. These debates allow you to interact with people from all universities of Pakistan and speak against well-read people. It is a great way to challenge your mind and be a part of the intellectual community. You make constructive arguments that improve your knowledge, your communication, and the structure of your arguments. Likewise, you can be a part of dramatics society, music society, or anything that interests you. Whatever competition you are in, it is fun at the end of the day. 

Make full use of your university life to learn everything you can. Last not least, don’t miss the fun part of it. Enjoy your moments and make all your activities fun. You are going to miss this time after you graduate. So, make it as full of learning and enjoyment as possible. 

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