How to make studying fun?


We like everything but studying: playing on the grounds, hanging out with friends, and watching Netflix. So, we keep on avoiding it and until there is no other option. Studying at the eleventh hour is so stressful that it makes us further hate it. And for the next time when we remind of it, we remember all the situations of anxiety and stress so we further avoid it to leave for the last hours before exams. But why is it so? We will share “how to make studying fun”. 

Studying is the task that gives us least or no pleasure as compared to other activities. So, what if we associate pleasure and fun with it. Also, with a little hard love, we can force ourselves into this habit of studying so that it is never a difficult task for us to sit down with books. Making studying fun and then doing it daily (to make it a habit) go side by side until you start finding it effortless. 

In this article, we will explore the techniques that can make studying fun. Although there are a lot of them, we will explore a few here. However, you can devise your own techniques taking inspiration from these.

Feynman technique  

If you are having difficulty focusing and understanding a concept completely, the Feynman technique can help you. This technique needs you to teach a topic to a colleague or a person who does not know it. Then, identify the concepts that are having difficulty in explaining or the other person is unable to understand. Revise them and prepare again to teach. This way you will be left with nothing that you do not understand. Moreover, it is such an effective way of memorizing that you do not forget it. Preparing a concept from a teaching point of view does two things. First, it makes it interesting for you. Second, it makes you conscious about every little detail.

 So, at the end of the day, you will be having understood the concept of having fun with some company. It also takes lesser time because you are saving the time that you will have to give to revise it all over again. You will have to just look at the key points and you are good to go. Thus, next time, you are making proper notes of a topic highlighting important information, relating with daily life examples, and then delivering it to the next person. This can also be used as a perfect way of group studying.

Pomodoro technique

If you are not a group studying person, the Pomodoro technique is the right way for you to study. In this technique, you set a daily target and each target is one Pomodoro. For example, you have a chapter to complete and two days for it, calculate the time that you will take to complete it, and divide it into multiple periods of time. Let’s say, it will take five hours of focused study. You can make either five pomodoros (one hour each) or ten pomodoros (half an hour each). One Pomodoro is the time that you can study without getting distracted. When you have completed one Pomodoro, take a break and get fresh. Start second one right according to the schedule. 

Increase the time of your Pomodoro gradually or increase the number of pomodoros each day depending upon your capacity. This technique proves to be very helpful when you are trying to make studying a daily habit. You start from a certain number of pomodoros of a particular length. Keep increasing them with time. You will not only have fun doing it but also realize that you have started studying more in lesser time because it keeps you focused.

Use apps and online tools

There are many online tools and apps that make it interesting for you to solve problems, MCQs, or learn a language, etc. For example, there are apps for FPSC or PPSC MCQs. Use these sources to study while you are walking or at any time that suits you. This enhances your knowledge with not much effort. You can use these methods to revise or test your knowledge, too. So, they are also great for personal evaluation. 

Whatever method you choose to study, you have to be consistent in doing it. Doing it for a day or two does not guarantee any long-term results.

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