How to make the optimal use of time through focus?


How many times have you complained to yourself that you just do not have the ability to focus? Many of us have this problem and we struggle hard to concentrate to studies when we direly need to prepare for exams. But have you noticed we say it like this is an innate ability that just some people are gifted with and some are not?  

Although looking at the reasons why we cannot stay focused for even a short period of time, they are all about some external stimuli. For example, the technological devices, noise in the street, and a wish to play video games, etc. This means that it can be developed and is not innate. In this article, we will explore how can we train ourselves to enhance focus and make the best use of life. This video is made possible through a channel that has proved this fact by collecting logical and scientific proof from a website called ‘brilliant.’ You can imply this in your daily life to reach the state where your focus has multiplied and you can perform maximum in a limited time. 


Distractions are of two types; external and internal distractions. External distractions are the ones that we are receiving from the environment. Our devices, family, friends, and outside noise count in it. 

On the other hand, internal distractions are in our minds. They are about indecisiveness and uncertainty about priorities. Also, it occurs when we are unable to find meaning in what we are doing. For example, if you are unsure about whether to spend this time studying or go out with friends to enjoy yourself, it will mean you are distracted internally.  

In pulling our focus away from us, both of these distractions play an equal role. We will be exploring two Latin practices to get away with them. 

Memento distractio

In literal meanings, it is ‘remember distractions.’ This practice is about exploring your distractions and then eliminating them. Most of the time, we are unaware of what is pulling us away from studying. One thing is for sure, books do not push us away from them. It is the external factors that either interest us or disturb us to an extent that we are unable to focus on our books or notes. The important point is, we do not know about every factor that is working as a distraction for us. But with time when you identify and eliminate some, you come out of new ones. This is how to get to know about all of them.

In this practice, we will not talk about internal distractions as it is totally about external ones. So, list down all the distractions that you think are affecting you the most. Once you have listed down all of them. You have to separate them from you. Talking about mobile phones and video games, you can keep them at places where you cannot be disturbed by them easily or you can simply put them on the airplane if that works for you. If the stimulus is difficult to be moved away from, you have to move yourself away from it. For example, if you have noise in your home from family members or coming from the street, you cannot eliminate it. So, you can either go to a library or anywhere where you are not distracted anymore. 

Once you eliminate these distractions, you will discover some more. List them down and do the same with them. Ultimately, you will reach a place where there is an ideal working environment and you can multiply your focus.  

Memento passio

This Latin phrase literally means, ‘remember suffering.’ Following this practice, you will eliminate all of your internal distractions and make the best decision. 

When we are confused about our preferences, we are never able to focus on a task. When you do not know that working or studying is the best decision for you, how will you use your potential to do it? This method helps us reach the right decision by finding the meaning in our tasks. 

So, what you have to do is prefer what you value more. You can find it out by discovering doing what keeps you more in suffering. For example, if studying can get you out of the state of suffering that you are in right now, doing this will be the right decision. Now suffering does not necessarily have to be a state of distress. It can simply be a stressful situation that you are having while studying for being in a state of conflict or the worry about the future.  

Long story short, you can use certain practices to train yourself for an ultimate focus. This will help you achieve greater academic goals with high efficiency and in relatively less time. 

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