How to Prepare for Entry Test of Universities

How to Prepare for Entry Test of Universities

How to Prepare for Entry Test of Universities

Student life is not very easy. Several challenges come in your way, and you have no option except to pass them. Some people enjoy this phase, and some just remain stressed out all the time. Well, this struggling life has its charm. So, you must live every moment of it. We will share how to prepare for entry test of universities.

However, among all the challenges that you face, the most difficult one is the time when you are applying for the next degree. With increasing competition, you must work very hard to secure admission. When you have done your bachelor’s, hundreds or thousands of candidates will be looking at the master’s position that you are aiming to apply to. Thus, you must go well prepared. 

The level of difficulty and competition of an exam varies with different departments of different universities. So, the preparation method will vary with each institute. But there are certain commonalities in the entrance test for masters. Follow the below-given guidelines to prepare for your master’s entrance test.

When should you start preparing?

This is a highly subjective question that many students are confused at. Here is what it depends on. First, the syllabus of your bachelor’s. As every entrance test has a maximum percentage of bachelor’s syllabus, look at your syllabus before deciding the time when you should start. 

Second, your knowledge of the degree. Here you need to analyze yourself. Be fair and judge your capabilities. If you have been preparing all the courses well, you will not take much time. For example, If you have a grip on all the theories of your subject, a month can be enough. If not, you can exceed the time according to your preparation. Usually, one and a half months is the time that an average mind with average knowledge will take. 

The third thing that matters is your subject. Social sciences usually have a very extensive syllabus and many facts to be remembered. So, check how much time will you need to cover the theories. In the case of science subjects, students generally have the technical knowledge and have memorized it enough. They might take lesser time than that of social sciences. Again, it also depends upon how you take the subject. 

The last thing that it depends upon is the university to which you are applying. For instance, if you are applying for a master’s degree from Punjab University, you will have a huge competition due to the high demand for its post-graduate degrees and the fact that it is a public sector university. Likewise, GCU and LUMS have very competitive procedures for their particular reasons. So, you should start preparing way ahead of time in order to be among the top students of their entrance tests.    

What should be the scheme of studying?

To make a scheme through which you will be preparing for exams, you will need to check the test syllabus. Usually, the syllabus is the bachelor’s degree courses, general mathematics and ability, and English grammar. Now you have to decide what you need to work the most on. 

The best way is to start revising the undergraduate courses and work practicing the mathematics syllabus that is given. You can allocate some time to English vocabulary in a day, too. Or you can give more time to English vocabulary and grammar and less to math (based upon your ability). But the main thing is your degree course that is going to carry the maximum weightage.

So, prioritize these three categories of your exam syllabus and then give them time respectively. 

Past papers and important theories

Past papers are very helpful for entrance exams and you should look at them for preparation. They are also used as smart preparation tools. For instance, if you are unable to give enough time to the whole extensive syllabus, you can rely on MCQ papers that you can get with your seniors’ suggestions. Second, if you are preparing well for the exam, you should still solve some papers. 

They will help you evaluate your preparation and revise the syllabus. Moreover, look at all the important theories of your course. For example, if you are an aspirant of a master’s in psychology, you will need to look at psychodynamics, behavioral, cognitive, and all the perspectives, theories are given in them, their authors, and all the important dates to remember. 

These are the musts of entrance test preparation for master’s admissions. The rest you will get to know from your seniors and teachers. However, following these guidelines, you can be among the top ten people on the list. 

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