How to prepare for your Erasmus Mundus scholarship application?


Erasmus Mundus scholarship is one of the most prestigious scholarships. It offers some amazing programs to be studied in different countries mostly across Europe. It is a unique scholarship in two ways. First, it offers unique kinds of programs that have very interesting modules. And secondly, it is not a one-country program. Usually, a degree is completed in 3 to 4 countries. So, in terms of the exposure that it provides, there is no other scholarship like this. Thus, it provides a broad level of learning experience through a wide exposure and unique modules of study. The graduates of these programs serve at big industries and academic institutes. 

Well, at the same time, these are very competitive programs. So, you have to compete with all the preparation to be considered for this scholarship. After talking to the people who have made it to various European universities through this scholarship, here are the things that we have concluded about this program. Prepare your application according to these guidelines and maximize the chances of your acceptance.  

Preemptive measures and preparation

First of all, you have to take care of a few things beforehand. These are the measures that you have to take without waiting for the applications to open. Check the website of Erasmus and look at the programs that it usually offers. Select the programs of your choice and check their individual websites if available. You will find all the information and criteria for those programs there.

Now, make sure you are working in the right direction. This means that if you like a program related to human rights, you should be doing something in that sphere and gain some experience. Likewise, start preparing for the tests that you have to give in order to be eligible for the program. And thirdly, improve your CGPA. International scholarships always require you to show a strong academic career and GPA and your research projects are the only things that can prove it. In short, start working preemptively to make your profile strong without waiting for the applications to open.     

The quality of your documents and their preparation 

Most of the time, at the last moment the students realize that they do not have all the documents required for the application. So, start preparing them beforehand too. Your degrees and transcripts are the main things. Apart from that, some programs require additional documents like a CV, thesis, some research projects, etc. The quality of these documents is very important. So, do your thesis and other research projects keeping in mind that you can have to present them internationally for your scholarships.    

Reference letters

Now comes one of the most important things that most students take lightly. Be different from other students and choose your referees wisely and smartly. Prefer your professors or lecturers whom you have worked with (through a thesis or as a research associate, etc.) or the ones who taught you relevant (to the program that you are applying to) subjects. Submit them on time and make sure they are written in detail. 

Personal statement / motivation letter  

A personal statement or the motivation letter can turn the tide for you. This document of yours has to be very specific and up to the mark. For that, you have to do these things. Write down the requirements of the letter (given on the application) and then think enough to collect all the relevant experiences about it. Your letter has to be very specific and the details should add to the reasons why you should be considered for the program. In short, there need to be no extra details and all the relevant details that make you a strong candidate. Good luck with your future application. 

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