PPSC Exam for lecturers is one of the best and quickest ways to get a good designation in the education sector. Also, it is not very difficult as compared to other exams like PMS and CSS. First, it does not take years-long preparation, and second, it is not an extensive exam process. There is no screening test or a set of extensive papers. Instead, it is a one-paper exam that is followed by an interview if you qualify. The paper consists merely of multiple-choice questions from different areas. Normally, the syllabus consists of the relevant subject (a defined course from it), general knowledge, basic English mathematics, and sometimes computer. 

However, never just rely on this information. The first task before you start your preparation is to check your syllabus. So, if there are any changes to the expected syllabus, you can check it. Here are the key subjects that you have to look at and how. 

Knowledge on the subject

First of all, the subject you are applying for carries the maximum weightage in the exam. There will be a course outline that you will need to look at. This is the part of your preparation that requires extra effort and preparation. First, you have to prepare it through your books. Go through all the theories and important facts. Along with this, you will find some books for preparing MCQs. Looking at them is a must. You have to give it equal time as you are giving theoretical preparation. Third, prepare it through past papers. Your subject needs the maximum time for preparation. So, you will have to look at all the possible sources for it.  

General knowledge

No matter what subject you are applying for, general knowledge is always part of the syllabus. So, prepare for that part well. now, you do not have to study for it the same way you were studying for your subject. Just focus on the MCQs. You will find them from any book store by different names. Give them enough time each day and make sure to revise them before moving on to the next ones. 

General knowledge MCQs need a good memory to be prepared. So, you will have to memorize them and revise them over and over again to make them a part of your long-term memory. You can use sticky notes for the difficult ones and paste them on your walls to revise them again. This habit helps you to memorize them for a very long period. 

Basic English, mathematics, and computer

These are the subjects that people very rarely focus on. Mainly, they look at their subject knowledge and general knowledge. As there is already a tough competition, you need to make sure you secure each mark. So, the advice is to not skip any part of the syllabus. The experts who have cleared the test are of the same point of view. This part of the test helped them secure more marks than others. 

So, if you want to be different than others, make sure you prepare these three parts of the test. Basic English might sound easy but it is tricky, not simple. So, learn those tricks. 

You can prepare all these subjects merely from MCQs papers. Get a book of the PPSC Exam MCQs for English, mathematics, and computer. When you are going through them, you will get to know about different concepts which, if you do not understand, can study separately. Computer might not always be a part of the syllabus, but mostly, the exam has the questions related to it. But don’t worry, it is basic level knowledge. You will not need much effort to understand them.

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