4 tips on how to stay active in your class?

How many times have you felt like sleeping in your class? Particularly as you progress towards the senior years, the classes start getting longer and boring. Hours-long lectures on research and theory sound like hell to students. Because they can neither sleep nor stay attentive.  

One of the most important issues for students is feeling asleep during class. There are many reasons behind it. We are not trained to take long classes with all the attention. So, after a certain time, our brain responds less to the environment and sends sleeping signals. To defeat those signals and train your brain for something better, you must start taking certain measures. Here are a few reasons why you feel lazy in your class and how to avoid that.

Take a good sleep 

No exercise or habit can replace the importance of proper sleep. It includes seven to eight hours of quality sleep. Quality sleep is the one that is free from the stimuli that disturb your sleep, and you have to wake up to try to go into deep sleep again.

Your brain only acts actively and responds to the environment when you have slept for enough hours. In the other case, it just sticks to that unfinished task. So, you feel lazy, tired, and sleepy. Also, you cannot pay much attention to any task.

Follow a healthy morning routine

After you have woken up from the required hours of sleep, start your morning routine. Always know that a healthy morning routine can change your life. The productivity and activeness of your whole day depend upon what you do in the morning. Even the small tasks like making your bed affect your mood and will to take on bigger challenges.

First of all, you need to wake up early. Sleep early to make up for your sleep deficiency but never compromise on waking up on time. If you are not habitual to it, start practicing from today. You have to be consistent, and you might need to force yourself into it but once it is set, you will not need to put much effort.

Next, go out and take some light. It boosts the happiness hormones and the ones that keep you motivated the whole day. Walk or exercise and have some sunlight if possible.

The third is to take a body shower (at least). It keeps your nerves active and also gives you a sense of satisfaction that you need to start your day.

Then, one of the most important things is breakfast. Eat a balanced and healthy meal. Try to avoid fatty things as they keep you lazy. Never forget to follow it with a cup of coffee or tea. Like every other part of our body, our mind needs the energy to stay active. So, feed your mind before stepping out of your house.

If you can, add music to your morning routine. Play it while you are walking or getting ready. It also helps to keep your brain active and productive.

Engage with the class instead of checking the clock 

Normally, when you are not active in your class, you keep on checking the time again and again. Stop doing that as it is going to make your time even more boring and slow. Instead, engage with the class. Ask questions and start taking interest in what the professor is teaching.

A way to do this is to take notes. If you note down the lecture, it keeps you engaged with the class and helps you stay active.

Enhance your attention span

One of the reasons why we do not feel active in the class is that we do not have long attention spans. Doing practices for that can help you stay focused for long periods. You can start doing it in small steps. Study for half an hour and then take a break. Increase it to 45 minutes, one hour, and so on.

This will help you take hours log classes with all your attention and focus. You need to follow these steps because when you are in a university, you can miss important concepts if you are not present even for half an hour. Keep yourself engaged, attentive, and focused.

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