How to Stay Focused During Class?

How to Stay Focused During Class?

How to Stay Focused During Class

Out of all the challenges we have to face as students, staying active in a long and boring class in main. Listening to uninteresting lectures sometimes becomes a compulsion in the university. You have to maintain your attendance and show the teacher that you take their classes seriously. Moreover, sometimes, you really have to take notes to prepare for the exams. Whatever the reason is, such classes are always the hardest to attend. Remember someone who said attending classes is your own choice in university? Please find that person and make them sit in one of such classes.  However, here are tips on how to stay focused during class?

Take some cold coffee or tea in the class

Try to take some coffee or tea in class. Take sips while you are listening to your teacher. Does it sound rude to your teacher? Or is it not allowed in your class? That’s why I said cold coffee. Make some coffee in the morning and add it to your water bottle (that is not transparent). Don’t let your teacher know you are having a drink for the class. And when you drink it, you don’t have to slurp it as it is not hot. This will keep your nerves active and you will stay focused in a long class. 

Make sure you have had a proper meal well before class

Don’t blame the class if you have come to attend it without having a proper breakfast. Having a proper meal is as important as getting fresh after waking up. By a proper meal, I mean a breakfast that contains nutritionally rich content and does not include the food that makes you sleepy. If you are attending your class without eating anything, it is obvious that you will feel drained and lazy. 

Try to engage as much as you can 

Classes become boring when it is only the teacher who is speaking in the class. If your teacher doesn’t engage you, it can be you who engages them or the whole class. Give your contributions to the lecture and for that, make sure you read about it before the class. This will help the whole class have a good time and learn something through it. 

Don’t be afraid of asking questions

If it is a long boring class, it is your duty to ask questions to maintain your interest in the class. Don’t be afraid of asking. Imagine what can happen at maximum? Your teacher will snub you and the whole class will laugh? It is better than listening to the lecture, right? You have your comfort with your class now so don’t be afraid of getting snubbed in front of them. Ask questions to break the monotony of the lecture. 

Take notes with multiple colors 

Colors are not childish. They are for all people of all ages. Use markers or pointers of different colors to note down your lecture. It will not only keep your interest but also let you focus more on the lecture. In short, it will assist you in an amazing way to attend an hours-long boring class.   

Entertain yourself with some jokes or other activities

A class should not be all about lectures and studying. You have the right to have some fun. If not anyone else, let it be you who makes some jokes to make the environment a little light. It will not only help you stay lively in the class but also make the whole class active and ready to get back to the lecture.  

Tease your friend if you can

Teasing your friend in a class is bad but if it is a boring class that you have to attend for hours, it is justified. Send them some notes by writing on a paper, tell them a funny joke, or tease them in any way that works for you. Find your entertainment in your own way. Have happy classes ahead!

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