How to stop procrastinating studying for exams

Whether you admit it or not, you will not study after the little break you have taken for chatting, relaxing, or eating. Likewise, the tomorrow that you have promised to study will never come before the exam night. So, stop justifying yourself and work on your procrastinating habits. A lot of students are a victim of this nowadays. And it is deadly for your growth and productivity. Thus, before it is too late, start working on it. Here are a few ways by which you can come out of these habits. Here is how to stop procrastinating while studying for exams. 

Find the reasons for your procrastination

Generally, we consider procrastination as our bad habit and that’s it. We never introspect and find the reasons behind it. See, every behavior has to be seen logically. There is always a stimulus or reason behind it that you are ignoring. If you do not reach that reason, any effort to get rid of this habit will not work. So, before you freak out for the time you are left with, promise yourself to study the next hour or the next day, and fall into that pattern again, tell yourself it is not going to happen until you sort it out. 

Generally, procrastination is believed to be caused by the fear that you will be unable to do the task or to complete it. We are so overwhelmed by the difficulty of the task that we keep on avoiding it. In this case, the realization of the fact that avoiding it would make it even more difficult can help you get out of the bubble. Anyway, you have to do it. So, why not start doing it now. As a matter of fact, the task is not always that difficult as we think of it. Secondly, having a belief in yourself can help you work on it better. In short, a clear understanding of the reason behind your procrastination and a practical solution is what you need. 

Sometimes, procrastination is just your habit because you do not like to work out of your comfort zone. You like video gaming, watching useless YouTube videos, and eating more because they are such effortless tasks. Mostly, you are not even enjoying them but keep doing them because they are so effortless to do. Know that success does not lie in your comfort zone. You have to force yourself out of it. 

Thirdly, you might think you were able to score well by studying the paper night in the last semester so, it is alright to procrastinate this time again. Well, yes you might be able to get through your semester exams. But all your future goals would not require a one-day study to be achieved. So, improve your habits before it is too late. 

Force yourself for the right routine

This is not as hard as it sounds. Showing yourself some hard love is necessary to fit out of your comfort zone. You need to force yourself to wake up on time, sleep on time, for reducing your hangouts or time on screen, and for studying on time. 

When you know the reason why you are procrastinating, you know where to work to put an end to this habit. It does not take too long to adjust to the right routine. Once you start doing it consistently, it is hardly a game of two months and then you start doing it as effortlessly as you would brush in the morning. Also, the experts say once the habits of studying are formed, it becomes hard not to follow them instead of following them. 

Stay motivated

You need a purpose to force yourself through a routine. A strong purpose can give you the motivation to work out of your comfort zone. Look at the bigger aim and remind yourself of it every day. Also, follow a healthy and productive routine to enhance your self-esteem. Having self-confidence will make it easy for you to start studying and completing the syllabus on time. 

Long story short, one thing leads to another, and we become adjusted to some habits that are so unhealthy for us. Procrastination is exactly such behavior. Reaching the root cause will help you do away with it and permanently adjust to a productive routine. 

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