How to stop worrying about exams?


How to stop worrying about exams?

In this article we will share how to stop worrying   about exams, Please read this article and share your valuable thoughts in the comments

Exams are a nightmare for students. A period of stress where you do not know what is going to happen next. Well, this stress is normal to an extent and is supposed to be motivating students to work hard for exams. Many studies show that paper anxiety is directly related to high performance in exams. Moreover, studies show that people who stay anxious about their exams study more than others. However, this is true in only selective cases. For instance, if the anxiety is more than the normal limits, it can prove counter-productive. 

 The normal limit of anxiety or stress is just the limit that helps you perform normally or better. Some students take unusual stress during exams period and they are not found to be performing well in their exams or studies. Let us look at some other studies. Research suggests that people who keep calm on their nerves and do not freak out in stressful situations are supposed to be performing better. Moreover, the students who do not take anxiety or stress and still manage to start preparing for their exam on time score higher than those who study under stress. Long story short, stress and anxiety are good as normal human emotions to a certain extent. But, if it gets more than that, you need to start working on it. Here is how you not to worry about your exams.   

Taking proper lectures

Exams are not just about paper night study. How you perform during your whole semester decides how well you perform during exams. Taking lectures is a must. Every teacher has their own criteria for making papers and marking them, etc. When you take all the lectures, you have a lot of benefits during exams. First, you have the knowledge of the syllabus they have taught and the way they have taught. So, you will have to put half the effort as compared to a person who has not taken lectures. Secondly, from the teaching method, you get the idea about what are the expectations of a teacher from certain types of questions. Thus, there are many chances you will score high. Knowing this, you stay relaxed and sure about your performance.

Taking proper notes

Notes play a very important role in your preparation for exams. When you have clearly written notes, you take half the time for preparing a lecture as compared to when you do not have notes. Moreover, when you take notes along with every lecture, you memorize things better. So, when you will look at the course outline for your exams at the end, you will not freak out. Instead, the fact that you have an idea about all of the given topics will give you confidence. 

Preparing lectures

Preparing lectures on a daily basis sounds like a huge task. But believe me, it takes hardly two hours of a day to revise your lecture and get an overview of the topic that will be taught the next day. Once you become habitual to it, it takes no effort to do it on daily basis. The exam period is the crux of how you have worked during the semester. If you have taken care of your lectures on a daily basis, you will have no stress because the maximum of the tension comes from this uncertainty. Being certain that you know your syllabus helps a lot. 

Revising on time 

Once you have collected all the notes on time, all you need to do is to go through them. Start revising your syllabus well before time. Students keep delaying their tasks and near exams, they regret wasting time. It does not take much courage to start studying ahead of time. In fact, once you do it, you get a rewarding feeling. It makes you want to study again with less effort. This way, it also becomes your habit.  

Securing sessional marks

Students have paper anxiety because they are worried about their marks. They have the stress of securing great marks and the chances are less. Getting evidence of your good performance will relieve that stress. For example, if you have already worked hard for your sessional marks, you will have the satisfaction that you have secured certain marks. This will further make you relaxed and less worried about exams. 

In short, your performance in exams is derived from your seriousness for studies during the whole semester. If you remain prepared from the first day by managing your studies with other fun activities, you will not be worried during exams. 

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