How to study consistently for your exams?

Do you lose your focus while studying? Well, we will share tips on How to study consistently for your exams.

Many students, when they do not get good grades in their exams, wish if they were smarter. Everyone you see around believes that good grades, success, and becoming a bright student are about being smart. Well, research do not prove the fact.

Many studies done in different institutes have proven that good grades come with good and persistent study habits. The students who study hard in a healthy routine are the ones who score higher than others. So, never blame yourself or others for not being smart. Consistent studying can change your fate. But that is the most difficult thing, right?

Yes, when exams are near and when you have a burden of studies on you, every stimulus in the environment starts diverting your attention. You would check your phone, start window shopping online, take a nap, chat with a friend, or do anything but study. Here are a few rules you must follow to study consistently for your exams and keep your attention undivided.

Make studying your habit

This is something that you have been hearing since your childhood. Everyone tells you to make studies your habit and a part of life. But no one ever told you how and why of it.

So, why should you make studying a habit? Actually, we are a product of the actions that we do every day. What we do in our routine is what we have become. For example, you are a person who wakes up at a certain time, brushes their teeth, and gets ready for college, or might follow a different routine. Guess how much effort does it take to do that. Let’s take just one action like brushing your teeth. You wake up and brush your teeth and that is your habit. Once it becomes a part of your daily activities, you do not need a different effort or willpower to do it.

Yes, this concept is very much related to willpower. We need it to do every action. But once an action has become our habit, there is lesser willpower required to do it again and again. This idea is also called ‘automaticity.’ The action that has become part of your routine will start getting performed automatically without you having to convince your brain.

So, make studying your habit. Start with smaller steps. Let’s say, study three hours a day with small breaks. Once you have started doing it effortlessly, add more time to it.

Be strict with yourself in the Beginning

If you have to develop consistent study habits, you will have to show yourself some hard love. That does not mean you have to make a hard and tough schedule. As I said earlier, start with smaller steps and study with breaks. But once you have established a routine, never ruin it by taking a holiday or anything. Studies have proven that holidays act contradictory to productive studying routines. At least, in the beginning, let your habits get mature before taking such breaks.

Ask someone to hide unnecessary technology

Yes, if you cannot do it yourself ask someone else to do it for you during your studying time. It can be your video games, your mobile phone, or any gadgets that keep distracting you. If you need your phone while studying, keep it on airplane mode or do anything to keep it from affecting the efforts that you are doing to make a consistent study routine.

Monitor your habits

Monitoring habits is a very good step to make them firm and long-lasting. How do you do it? Make some notes and start checking if you are studying for the required time you set. You can also mark on a calendar or anything that suits you. not just that, check if you improved with days, has it become easier for you, or if you are given some more time to studying, or are you progressing backward, etc.

This is a way of keeping a check and then bringing changes according to it.

Reward yourself with good habits

Where you have to be strict with yourself, you also have to show some love that works as a reinforcer for your habits. You can reward yourself after the whole day of studying with a good meal, buying yourself some good stuff at the end of the month, or anything that acts as a reward for you. Doing this reinforces your habits of studying consistently, and they become stronger.
So, at whatever stage of life, you are, consistent studying is the only way to perform well in your exams. Making it a habit will benefit you for the whole of your life. Thus, start working on your studying routines from the very today.

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