How to use Technology to Increase Productivity


Technology is considered one of the biggest enemies of students. It wastes their time, makes them addicted to it, and utilizes all the time that was supposed to be spent on some productive activities. Also, it is blamed for making people lazy and forcing them to a sedentary lifestyle. Well, that is some facts. Technology has taken away the fun of physical activities. Talking about students, yes it has affected them the most. Without doubts, it has made access to different sources of studying super easy but more than that, it wastes their time. In the article, we will discuss how to use technology to increase productivity. 

However, the people who use it smartly do not end up wasting their whole day using Tik Tok or Instagram. Here is how you can use technology to make your days productive instead of wasting them.   

Turn off the notifications for unimportant individual and group chats

All you have to do is make some changes to how you use your mobile phone. If group chats are not a priority for you, why do you let them draw your attention through notifications? Turn off the notifications of all the group chats and unimportant individual chats. This way you can set a time of the day when to check all the chats without getting distracted again and again.  

Uninstall unnecessary apps or the ones that you can live without 

When there is a period of studying, you can definitely live without Facebook or Tik Tok. Uninstall all the apps that do nothing but waste your time on the phone. Your phone should be filled with all the things that assist you to study. To do that, you first have to get rid of the things that work opposite to it.  

Take notes at the start of the day about the whole day’s routine

Make it your habit to take notes every morning. Write down your agenda for the day, list down all the important tasks to be completed, and mention the time in front of them. You can also write down these things on your note pad but the phone is something that you carry along the whole day and also check again and again. Whenever you will use your phone, you will be reminded of the things that you have to do in a day. 

Set alarms for different tasks

Instead of notifications from messaging and other social media apps, it is best to hear alarms as reminders of some important tasks of the day. For example, set an alarm for the library time, playing time, watering the plants, etc. We usually know what we are supposed to do next but it is secondary to us and running back in the mind. These reminders can bring those tasks into the light and the brain will start recognizing them as primary.   

Turn your YouTube and Instagram into a news feed

If you have a habit of scrolling Instagram and YouTube for nothing, here is what you can do about it. Turn them into a news feed for you. You can like and subscribe to the channels that show content related to your study material. This way, you will learn something whenever you open these apps.   

Use audiobooks while running or doing a task that does not require much focus

Another amazing way to use your phones in a productive way is through audiobooks. You can play them on your phone and listen to them while running, doing kitchen tasks, watering plants, exercising, or whenever you find it suitable. 

Listen to some music early in the morning and also when you want to get fresh

Music is the best way to refresh your mind and to feel better. Listening to some music in the morning or during your study breaks can help your brain work better. So, use your mobile phones to listen to some good music every day. 

Remind yourself of all the tasks that make you happy throughout the day

Your reminders should not be all about studying and doing some tedious tasks. Set reminders for the tasks that you enjoy doing as well. For example, if watering plants, doing a skincare routine, dancing, or playing badminton makes you happy, you can set time slots for them and remind yourself of them through alarms. These things are as important as studying for you.

In short, a productive routine includes all the tasks that are responsible for the healthy and efficient working of the brain. Technology if used poorly can shrink our minds and make us lazy. On the other hand, it can prove equally beneficial if used properly. It is totally in your hands. 

I hope you like “How to use Technology to Increase Productivity” please share your valuable thoughts in the comment section.

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