IBA and Z2C take on Challenge of Countering Disinformation

IBA and Z2C take on Challenge of Countering Disinformation

IBA and Z2C on disinformation

Pakistan’s first indigenously designed misinformation and disinformation cloud-based software was launched at the Centre for Excellence in Journalism (CEJ) at the Institute of Business Administration (IBA) by venture accelerator Z2C Limited on Thursday.

The CEJ – IBA and Z2C signed a memorandum of understanding to collaborate on the use of the information processing tool Lytics to promote responsible and accurate journalism and to detect and understand misinformation and disinformation trends.

With the rise of social media and digital platforms, the spread of misinformation and disinformation has become a growing concern for decision-makers and the media industry. The use of Z2C’s Lytics Processing Tool will enable the CEJ-IBA to deepen its research in the use and spread of misinformation and disinformation to provide valuable insights to media researchers, journalism students and the news media industry.

Director of the CEJ-IBA Amber Rahim Shamsi highlighted the significance of the collaboration. “Globally, fact-checking has been employing technology such as media scraping, live transcriptions and AI to expedite the process for several years. CEJ-IBA is thrilled to be collaborating with Z2C to bring fact-checking at par with international trends.”

Chairman Z2C Limited, Raihan Ali hopes that this collaboration on the use of Lytics “…will help the CEJ train people to go out and create content consciously” as the venture accelerator is ushering transparency in the media supply chain.

The CEJ-IBA will be employing the Lytics tool in its updated Masters of Science in Journalism program, re-launching this fall. The Centre will also be using the software to support its broader misinformation / disinformation efforts such as media literacy trainings targeting election disinformation, as well as quarterly and annual reports providing data-driven insights into disinformation campaigns and their impact.

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