KARACHI: The School of Business Studies at the IBA Karachi becomes the first business school in the country to lead the Electroencephalogram (EEG) test.

In a statement, IBA’s administration said, “The EEG is a method of choice if one aims to glimpse into peoples’ heads to evaluate attire, motivation and engagement, or cognitive load and drowsiness levels of the desired target group when confronted with physical objects or stimuli.”

Compared to other brain imaging techniques, EEG is a non-expensive, non-invasive and completely passive recording technique.

The EEG data has excellent sub-second time resolution, that is, it takes hundreds to thousands of snapshots of electric activity across multiple electrodes within a single second.

This makes EEG the ideal research tool for studying the precise timing of attentional, cognitive and emotional processing.

In addition to event-related paradigms, which focus on EEG activity triggered by sensory stimuli or bodily movement onsets, frequency-based EEG analysis techniques allows one to glimpse into the oscillatory activity of specific frequency bands associated with cognitive-affective states, engagement and motivation.

“The EEG method provides an incredibly rich amount of insight into cognitive, affective, and attentional foundations of human behavior,” the statement reads.

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