IBA Karachi Terminates Professor for Alleged Harassment

IBA Karachi Terminates Professor for Alleged Harassment

IBA Terminates Professor for Harassment

A senior faculty member at the Institute of Business Administration (IBA) in Karachi has been terminated from his position due to allegations of harassment. Dr M Mohsin Butt was let go from his role based on claims of mistreating his colleagues. He stands accused of tarnishing the reputation of his fellow faculty members through the use of offensive, menacing, and abusive language directed at them and the IBA management.

Allegedly, the senior professor had previously received warnings and was instructed to adhere to the IBA’s Code of Conduct. Irfan Qamar, the Director of HR, expressed that taking such stringent measures against a senior faculty member would serve to uphold the university’s values and policies.

In contrast, Dr Butt, a Marketing professor at the School of Business Studies, has denied the accusations leveled against him. He maintains that he was terminated without being allowed to present his perspective before the inquiry committee.

The professor received his termination notice from university security personnel at the institution’s entrance. He further revealed that the university’s administration had issued him a show-cause notice related to an older case.

Dr Butt claimed to have sought an audience with the chief minister, but his pleas fell on deaf ears. He contended that he had consistently raised his voice against harassment, abuse, and injustices affecting people and, despite having written to the chief minister to take action on these matters, he was ultimately expelled.

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