IBCC Will Continue With The O&A Level Equivalence Policy


The Inter Board Committee of Chairmen (IBCC) will continue equivalence of O and A level students, as Higher Education Commission (HEC) has only halted the requirement of seeking details of prior qualification i.e.. SSC and HSSC, including equivalence certificates for the verification and attestation of bachelors and other higher degrees.

According to the offical statement, the news circulating that O and A level students in Pakistan no longer require equivalence certificates from IBCC are “baseless”. This confusion resulted during the session of Lahore High Court (LHC) in Romana Malik VS HEC case wherein the counsel of HEC presented a notification dated August 2, 2018 according to which candidates seeking  attestation will no longer require to submit information regarding their previous degrees and will be solely attested on merit i.e. whether the degrees have been issued by an authorised institute/university and whether the institute holds the authority to issue the degree or not.

“The matter was portrayed in such manner as the equivalence of O and A level has been stopped which was a misinterpretation of the facts,’’ the source stated. IBCC is authorized by the Government of Pakistan to issue equivalence certificate up to grade 12 under the Federal Supervision of Curricula and Maintenance of Standards Act, 1976 which has also been endorsed by the Supreme Court (SC) in SCMR 2701 of 1998, he added.

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