Ibrahim Hasan Murad stresses to protect and promote the rights of women


Lahore: President UMT, Ibrahim Hasan Murad, in celebration of the International Women’s Day, stressed the need to recognize the efforts of women in crafting a sustainable future for all. In this year’s theme “Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow” there is a special focus on evolving gender equality in the perspective of climate crisis and disaster risk reduction as it is one of the main global challenges of the 21st century; he said.

Ibrahim Hasan Murad said that, as a nation, we should collectively work to make this world free of biases, castes and inequality. He also said that we should set an example for the world where difference is appreciated and celebrated. Mr. Murad added that the need of the hour is to put an end to the gender-based violence including domestic abuse, rape and workplace harassment. He highlighted the contribution of UMT’s Women Institute of Learning and Leadership (WILL) in recognizing, protecting and promoting the universal rights of women.

President UMT advised on taking initiatives for women empowerment. This could be done by building specific workplaces where women flourish, offering a choice to women in choosing their career as well as projecting the work of females worldwide. Mr. Murad said that these initiatives will empower the voice of women and will make them equal players in nation building. He also urged women to respect themselves and quoted examples of some of the most powerful Muslim women of all times who could be their role models.

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