Ibrahim Murad for Investing in People through Quality Education


In his message on the occasion of International Day of Education, President University of Management and Technology (UMT) Ibrahim Hasan Murad has said that this day is celebrated to further the role of education for peace and development, he emphasized investing in people by prioritizing quality education.

Ibrahim Murad said we need to focus on inclusive, equitable quality education opportunities to succeed in achieving gender equality and eradicate poverty from the country. He stressed that the government should support educational transformation essential to deliver the basic right of education for all. He also demanded the provision of an innovative educational environment for children with disabilities and scholarships for the marginalized.

President UMT expressed that daycares, schools, colleges, and higher educational institutions should pass on learning that can provide children with creative thinking, innovative aptitude, and entrepreneurship skills. Murad also stressed the need for the incorporation of digital transformation in the future roadmap of higher education. Furthermore, he said discrimination against Intermediate students of Intermediate must end, adding that the commoners must get a 50% quota in all elite universities.

The UMT president further said that all educationists and students must focus on character-building as much as they focus on grades. The government must also lead by setting a vision for the education sector so the future of the country is safeguarded, he added.

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