“Ignite Body, Mind & Soul” seminar on mental health held at Iqra University


The mental development of young people is focused on fitness as most young people suffer from many mental health problems.
As well as examining their inner thoughts through their conversations, walks, and other activities, stress can also be detected, which can be detrimental to them. These views were expressed by Dr Syed Ali Raza, Director, Iqra University (IU), North Karachi Campus, at a seminar on mental health titled “Ignite Body, Mind, and Soul” held at the campus.

He said that Allah Almighty has given a cure for every disease in the Holy Quran from which we should benefit. Prevention of this disease requires timely action and treatment. In order to develop the mental health of the students, the mental health of the youth should be checked and the teachers should be contacted. Recipients are our friends, and it is our responsibility to improve their mental health.

Dr. Saleema Tejani said that it is very important to have such seminars in our university because young people at the same age are often disturbed due to domestic problems, employment problems, and educational issues. Therefore, it is very important to nurture and nurture them, and we have focused on extra-curricular activities this week and provided services in consultation with the students.

Prof. Qudsia Tariq said that besides schools, colleges, and universities, there should be similar activities in other institutions as well to take special care of the mindset of the youth as the sustainable development goal of the youth works according to 3.3.5 mental health. Speakers included Dr. Shoaib Ahmed, Tehreem Adil, and others.

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