IJT launches campaign on importance of student unions

IJT launches campaign on importance of student unions

IJT campaign on student unions

Islami Jamiat Talaba (IJT) Pakistan has launched a campaign on the importance of student unions across the country. The campaign is titled “Student Unions: Need of the Hour”.

According to the Central Information Secretary of IJT Adeel Chaudhry, the Nazim I Ala of IJT Shakeel Ahmad has inaugurated the launching of the campaign in universities, colleges and residential units of IJT across the country. He further said that this campaign will continue from October 16 to November 5 during which the importance of the revival of the student union will be stressed.

A documentary will also be prepared, and various protest demonstrations and activities will be organized in the campaign focusing on the restoration of the student union.

Adeel Chaudhry further said that the student union is not only the constitutional and democratic right of the students but also the most important need of the time. Students are being deprived of facilities under the guise of the ban on student unions, fees are being continuously increased while students are suffering from lack of transport and hostels, he said adding that today an eighteen-year-old youth is a voter of Pakistan but does not have the right to choose his representative in universities and colleges in terms of student unions.

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