Chairman of International Lawyers Forum Nasir Ahmed Advocate has strongly condemned the brutal killings of innocent and unarmed civilians in Ukraine and demanded Pakistani government to take instant practical steps for safe return of thousands of our students back to country.


ILF’s Chairman declared total failure of United Nations, North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), European Union (EU), Commonwealth of Nations (CwN) and other global organizations over their worst role towards humanity as well as neglect civilians.

Nasir Ahmed Advocate also criticized over the role of Red Crescent, Imam-e-Kaba, global human rights activists and organizations and pronounced Russian attacks on refugees’ convoys and foreigners against Geneva Convention.


Disparaging over the dual policy of US, UN, NATO, EU, CwN and international officialdoms, he demanded to access ILF delegation to visit Ukraine on most urgent basis to know the real situation that is still unrevealed in war-hit Ukrainian areas and coldest weather for safe return of thousands of Pakistani students and foreigners to their countries as soon as possible


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