Importance of Doing Past Papers Practice, Mock Tests, and Free Webinars by Mirchawala
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Importance of Doing Past Papers Practice, Mock Tests, and Free Webinars by Mirchawala

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What is the best way to pass the ACCA exam? Aspiring accountants and professionals who want to pursue careers in ACCA might find this question curious. A worldwide-renowned qualification, the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) demands knowledge of taxation, managerial accounting, and financial reporting, among other subjects. To pass these exams, you must use study strategies that maximize retention and learning.

Think about obtaining expert advice from knowledgeable tutors at reputable institutions like Mirchawala’s to begin ACCA test preparation. They can offer professional advice, personalized study schedules, and insightful ideas to increase your chances of success. Expert advice might help you navigate difficult topics and come up with exam-specific needs. Get advice

Free ACCA Webinars for Last Minute Practice

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While there are numerous techniques to move on this route, practicing with past papers and taking mock tests is one of the most efficient ways to prepare for the ACCA exams. Previous exams give you an idea of the format and type of questions that are given, as well as pointing out areas in which you need to improve. Plan time for mock tests to improve your exam strategy and boost your self-assurance.

In this article, we will highlight the importance of mock exams and past papers for ACCA exam preparation and qualifying.

Understand the Exam’s Structure

Previous papers provide you with a clear understanding of the exam format as well as the kinds of questions and problems you might come across. It’s not just about getting an answer ready for a particular topic; it’s also about knowing how to approach and organize an exam.

Know the Marks Allocation

Understanding how your grades are assigned is beneficial. Knowing which areas to focus on will not only help you pass the exam, but it will also help you manage your time. The majority of students advise concentrating on the subject that has higher grades. So what occurs if you don’t receive the highest possible score on that subject or question? Thus, we suggest answering every question and treating them in an equal way.

Evaluate your knowledge level

You can know how well you comprehend an idea by doing past papers. This offers you the chance to make corrections and discover anything you might have overlooked during your first study session. If you perform poorly on a topic, you may always go back to the drawing board and refine the few things that you found unclear.

 Support You in Acquiring More Skills

When you give mock tests and practice on past papers, you will come to realize that there may be more than one method for answering the question. This can be gathered if one uses past exam papers. So, doing past exam papers improves your problem-solving skills and arms you with a variety of techniques to use for the exam.

In summary

Many learners reported that they avoid writing mocks due to time constraints or anxiety. All of these feelings are legitimate, but you will only know which areas you’re doing well in or which ones you need to improve on if you write a mock and have it scored. Do not approach a mock exam like a test if you are anxious about it. Rather, consider it a teaching opportunity that will aid in your exam preparation. The greater your practice, the more probable it is that you will feel at ease and confident on test day. Without practice, you won’t pass.

 If you’re seeking the best practice test and preparation platform for your ACCA exams, Mirchawala’s Hub of Accountancy is an ideal place for you. Candidates for the ACCA test have access to a variety of study resources, such as lectures, practice problems, mock exams, and study notes. The study guide aims to give students a thorough understanding of the subjects listed in the syllabus. Through diligent curation of old papers and other content, Mirchawala simplifies it with examples from real-world situations.

This article is written by PR department of  Mirchawala’s Hub of Accountancy – the best institute for ACCA Qualifications in Karachi.

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