Improving Teaching Must For Improving Quality Of Graduates: Sarfaraz

Improving Teaching Must For Improving Quality Of Graduates: Sarfaraz

Enabling teachers to improve quality of teaching and teaching methodologies is a must to improve quality of graduates, Punjab Higher Education Minister Raja Yassir Humayun Sarfaraz said on Thursday.

“The quality of human resource was key to dominating markets in post-industrial information age,” the minister said while addressing the concluding ceremony of a two day workshop on “Outcome Based Education (OBE) and Complex Engineering Problem” at Punjab Higher Education Commission (PHEC) Secretariat.

The workshop was organized jointly by PHEC and Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) for faculty members and industry experts selected as PEC Program Evaluators (PEVs).

“If we want to produce the quality graduates, we have to build the capacity of our teachers and equip them with the best of the teaching methodologies,” Sarfaraz said during his speech.

The minister added that quality of human resource produced was the best raw material in the information age to encourage international companies to invest in a country. “Unfortunately, the quality of human resource in Pakistan has not been on par with international requirements; we really need to work on this,” he said. “International companies will see Pakistan as a potential investment destination only if we have a high quality of human resource. The government is committed to this cause.”

He also stressed on the need to produce graduates by keeping demand and relevancy of the market in mind. “This will bridge the industry-academia gap and enhance career prospects for the graduates.” He minister assured complete support of the government to Punjab Higher Education Commission to improve the quality of higher education and bring it at par with international standards.

PHEC Chairman Dr Fazal Ahmed Khalid said the fourth industrial revolution was upon us and we had to make sure that “our curricula and teaching-learning methods are updated in line with the modern requirements”. “In most of the universities, we are still facing the passive mode of learning-teaching process, we have to shift towards active learning, smart classrooms, and integration of information and communication technologies (ICTs) with teaching methodologies that would not only allow us to effectively communicate with students, but also efficiently understand the field of complexities,” the chairman stressed.

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