India had accepted four points to resolve Kashmir issue in Musharraf’s era; says Javed Jabbar


Leading intellectual Javed Jabbar has said that under Pervez Musharraf, India had accepted four points to resolve the Kashmir issue but Pervez Musharraf made a mistake by suspending the Chief Justice and Manmohan Singh got a chance and postponed a visit to Islamabad. Now both the states should start from there.

He expressed these views while addressing a seminar on Kashmir Solidarity Day held at the Arts Council of Pakistan, Karachi. He said that after 14 years of informal negotiations, we have worked out a formula to be presented at the meeting of Pervez Musharraf Vajpayee and it was agreed between the two countries that Delhi-Islamabad, Srinagar, and Muzaffarabad were also included in the negotiations.

However, the geography of Jammu and Kashmir was determined which included Gilgit and Ladakh. The next point was to give powers to Srinagar and Muzaffarabad and the last point was agreed to be the withdrawal of troops from Kashmir. India was ready for this but Pervez Musharraf suspended the Chief Justice and Manmohan Singh canceled his visit to Islamabad. He said that the culture of Kashmir is so strong and stable than it has been crushed for four hundred and fifty years but it is still standing.

Kashmir is not only a beautiful land but also a beautiful civilization. Kashmiris do not want to be Indians at heart, which is why they have been fighting for 75 years to save Kashmir. He said that from the very beginning it was the policy of India to destroy the identity of others but Kashmiris would not allow this to happen.

That is why today Rahul Gandhi says in Parliament that the foreign policy of the Indian government has failed. He said that the army had unnecessarily interfered in the government in the past but the sacrifices of the officers and men of the same forces should also be remembered for their sacrifices for the protection of this country and its people. So don’t despair, we have everything, we are a powerful country. President Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi Ahmad Shah said that Arts Council is leading the culture of this country. It can only happen. Modi’s actions exposed India’s biased face to the world. He said that Arts Council has fulfilled its responsibility that we are suffering from what is happening in Kashmir.

The value of freedom of 200 million Muslims in India is coming today. We stand with the Kashmir issue but Kashmir policy should be permanent. Mehtab Akbar Rashdi said that the people of Jammu and Kashmir were imprisoned in their homes which were against the UN Charter that India had signed. What is the status of this charter after so many human rights violations in Kashmir? If the members of parliament are not interested in this then how can we be successful? We have not fulfilled our responsibility of diplomacy.

Sardar Yasin Azad, former president of the Supreme Court Bar Association, said that solidarity on February 5 and a minute’s silence on August 5 is a practical task for the Kashmir issue and we have to go beyond that. On August 5, India fully annexed Kashmir but no practical action was taken by us. He urged all political and religious parties to sit at a table and think about how the people of Jammu and Kashmir could be saved from this tyranny. Sindh Provincial Assembly member Raja Azhar said that world powers were not interested in this issue. The ceasefire has been declared between the two countries but somewhere we have weaknesses.

They should be removed so that the voice of Kashmiris can be heard in the world. Sardar Nazakat said that governments around the world are watching Kashmir, the government of Pakistan. Our foreign policy is weak, it needs to be improved, said Maria Iqbal Tarana It will not work. There should be some practical work. We are not even allowed to meet. Zeb Naveed said that we stand with the Kashmiri brothers.

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