Indian Vice President Unhappy With ‘Out Of Bounds’ Education


Indian Vice President Venkaiah Naidu has stressed upon the urgency of rebuilding and renovating the country’s education system, calling on univeristies to allocate a specific quota for marginalised sections of the society

Naidu said private education was becoming out of bounds for poor students and universities must take that into account. He said the Indian educational structure had failed in producing students with creative minds and employability skills and was just producing students who had degrees and certificates. “Students pass out their colleges but lack employability skills which are a major concern in the present times. Thousands of students have acquired theoretical knowledge and have been just adding numbers with no critical skills at all,” Naidu added.

The vice president said new educational institutions must be established to satisfy the increasing demands of higher education in the country and restoring the stature of the country as a primary starting point for achieving quality education. “We need to renovate the educational system of the country for good and should not allow status quo to carry on further.”

Naidu added that the need of the hour was to establish organised links within universities and industries in order to impart skills that were relevant and much needed in the concurrent times. He said certain universities were working in this direction. However, there was a dire need to shift the learning and teaching mythologies and practices employed by these universities, so students would be prepared to face global competition effectually.

He went on to say that the challenges and constraints within the Indian educational system would be handled by establishing new educational institutes, as quality education was detrimental to national progress and interests. “Private sector must look for ways that can facilitate cross-subsidisation, because quality education is out of the reach of the poor sections of the society”, he said.

Naidu said the regulatory frameworks and mechanisms must be open to new ideas and practices in order to facilitate universities for improvising academic quality and practices.


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