Interesting facts about student hostel life

In this article, we will discuss some Interesting facts about student hostel life.

Every student must be given a chance to experience the hostel life once.

“Home away from home”.

Most of you must have heard this line a lot, a phrase probably used by every student who lived in a hostel while being away from home at their college. There are many students who move in from different countries for education purposes, and they reside in hostels provided by their institutes. There they live a life that is very much different from their life at home. These students learn many things as hostel life plays a vital role in developing their personality of the students. The students who live in hostels are self-dependent, and confident, and the hostel life gives them a sense of responsibility.


Money management comes naturally to students living in a hostel as most of the times they are broke. They learn to value the little things in life. There is no travel expense either as they only must walk from the hostel to college and vice versa. They learn how to cook within a certain budget. Students can easily manage or work things out even if they have little amount of money on them.

Making friends that turn into family

Now this may sound exaggerating, but it is true. Living with someone for a few months and sharing a room with them feels like you must have known the other person for years. The late-night conversations to sharing the food to sharing each other’s clothes to fighting over petty stuff, these friends become a part of your family in no time. It truly brings people close in the most unforgettable way.

Learning how to compromise

At first, living in a hostel seems something impossible to do as one fears starting a new experience. You are forced to live in a room with strangers and share the room with them, while at home sharing a room with your siblings seemed an impossible thing to do. But gradually you get used to it but well, hey! That’s the fun part. You get to know complete strangers, bond with them and learn to compromise in various matters.

Every night is a slumber party

Once you get to know your roommates, it’s all fun and games. Staying up till 4 am in a hostel while talking about random stuff becomes a ritual when you are surrounded by your friends. It’s like having a sleepover every night.

Group studies

Group studies become an essential part of life while living in a hostel. Group study is both fun and effective because if some student doesn’t feel like studying but by looking at their friends, they get the motivation to study. Eventually, you are surrounded by people who encourage you try new stuff and chase your dreams.

Being Alone? What even is that?

So, while living in a hostel one is never alone. Feeling sad? You are surrounded by your friends all the time. Feeling homesick? Your roommates can cheer you up like no other. Even if your roommates are not in town, there is always a hundred other people whose room you can go to or hangout with them. This is certainly the best time of your life and students who live in a hostel will certainly miss it after graduating.

Learning the value of home-cooked food

Many hostelers share how much they miss having home-cooked food. There was a time when these students used to crave food from restaurants but after living in the hostel, they eat food from restaurants almost daily. Going home means having those traditional home-cooked feasts, hostelers share how they can eat the same home-cooked food for their breakfast, lunch and dinner too. They crave traditional home food all the time.

Hostel life does have its ups and downs, but these are the memories you will cherish forever. So, make the most out of your hostel life because when you look back, you will smile at the memories you created and would want to re-live these days once again.

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