Indus Valley Civilization lasted for thousands of years. Historians have divided this civilization into three different time periods. Indus Valley Civilization is quite famous for its advanced engineering, well-planned cities and great drainage system. Here are some interesting fun facts about the Indus Valley Civilization that everyone must know.

1. First recorded note of the ruins of the civilization was made by a British army deserter

The first recorded note of the discovery of the Indus Valley Civilization was made back in 1842 book by James Lewis. Lewis was a British East India Company soldier who deserted the army and while traveling through the Punjab province in British India saw the ruins of the small ancient civilization at a town called Harappa.

2. Great craftsmanship skills

The engineering skills of the Indus valley people is one of the best till today. They developed modern techniques back in the days and produced elements like bronze, copper, and tin. They also made various sculptures, pottery, gold jewelry which have been discovered by archaeologists.

3. They were way ahead of their times

Indus Valley Civilization was very sophisticated and an advanced culture. The cities were amazing and mesmerizing. The Indus valley people built their homes with baked bricks and in dense clusters. They even had flushing toilets and had the world’s first sanitation system. Their homes were also connected to a centralized drainage system to carry all the waste. The sewage and drainage system back in the days were even way ahead of its time and way more efficient than today’s drainage systems.

4. No-one knows how the Indus Valley Civilization collapsed

For thousands of years, the Indus Valley Civilization was on the rise, but when it came to 1800 BCE, the gradual decline and after about a century, people began abandoning the cities. The cause of this decline is still a huge mystery. However, many theories suggest that it could have been caused by a large-scale drought or a massive earthquake that changed the course of the river.

5. The first dentist was born in the Indus Valley Civilization

Yes, that is right. The dentistry practice was used by the people in the Indus Valley in the early Harappan period. It has been in practice for more than 7000 years. Some archaeologists who were studying the remains of two men in Mehrgarh, Pakistan found that the people from the valley might have had the knowledge of proto dentistry. They also discovered 11 drilled molar crowns of 9 different adults, the remains of which dated back to between 7500-9000 years old.

6. They used seals as an identifier

The Indus Valley Civilization also traded goods with Egypt and Mesopotamia. Many historians believe that they might have used wheel transport for trading. However, they also produced seals that were used to identify goods and clay tablets.

7. The great bath

The advanced architecture of the Indus Valley people is evident by their great impressive protective houses, dockyards and warehouses. The great bath at Mohenjo-Daro, Sindh, Pakistan remains one of the most famous structures of Harappan Civilization. It is considered the earliest public water tank in history.

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