16 interesting fun facts about the University of South Asia

16 interesting fun facts about the University of South Asia

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The University of South Asia (the USA) already confuses a lot of people with its name. The campus is a relatively small area where a very interactive environment is established. Life on the campus is much more fun than anyone has ever thought. Taking to some brilliant and fun-loving students, here are the fun facts that we have come up with.

  1. The first-day orientation in the fanciest room of the campus is all the elite treatment you get

You will get orientation on the first day at the University of South Asia in the fanciest room on the campus. This will be about big promises about the faculty and the management. But, once your classes start, you are thrown into the old D or C block.

  1. The ablution place behind the admission block on the campus is used for smoking during Ramzan

You cannot smoke in the cantonment during Ramzan. But how does that matter? You still have the ablution place on the campus which is widely used for smoking both by students and the teachers.

  1. Fashion department is more about celebrations and shelter for lovers than study

If you want to see the colors of the campus, go to the fashion department. Every day is about decorations and celebrations there. Not just that, the FD is also famous for providing shelter to the lovers of the university.

  1. The resource center is widely known as the graveyard of computers among students

The resource center has all the dysfunctional computers and old, broken chairs of the world. So, students have named it more appropriately as the graveyard of computers.   

  1. The backside of the library is the real patch up point for lovers and a card-playing point for singles

If your partner is not talking to you, the back of the library is the point to talk to them. Well, if you are single, use that place for playing cards.

  1. If you want to confuse people, just tell them you study in the USA and move on

The name of the university confuses a lot of people. So, if some annoying relatives at weddings or family get-togethers ask you about your university, tell them you are studying in the USA and don’t give any explanation.

  1. The FYPs have to be about AI, machine learning, and all subjects that you are never taught in the classes

The teachers expect you to do projects on subjects like Artificial Intelligence and machine learning. This is great only if they have taught you any of these subjects in the classes.

  1. There are no secrets in the USA, thanks to the small campus

Thanks to the small campus, the whole university knows what is happening with a student in a corner of the campus. So, there are no secrets and maybe that’s the reason they are better bonded to each other.

  1. The girls will always score higher no matter what

God knows what is wrong with the boys but they never happen to score higher than girls. At the end of your degree, it will always be a girl who gets a gold medal.

  1. You will hear the sounds of guitars now and then to chill your mood

The sound of music will serve your ears every now and then on the campus. You can feel pleasant but the opposite can also happen.

  1. The university is full of characters; you will get to see a glimpse of Hitman in the HR executive

The human resource executive of the university is the doppelganger of the Hitman. Get ready to meet him and other characters on the campus.

  1. The best thing about the university is actually the fries and lemonade that you get outside of it

The best thing about the university is not something within the campus. The lemonade stall and the fries stall outside of the campus are students’ favorite things.

  1. The Mall of Lahore is the second home for the USA students

The Mall of Lahore would have closed if the USA was not near it. It is literally the second home for the students of the campus.

  1. You will find students of every age group on the campus

This is so interesting that the university of South Asia encourages people of every age to study and facilitates them if they have to take their kids with them. So, you may find the two-year-old kid and a forty-plus woman taking classes.  

  1. Every spot has a name in the USA like “Ratta point” and “lovers’ point”

The campus is famous for having named every spot. For instance, there is a ratta point where all the ‘thetas’ can be found during the exam session, a point where heartbroken students can be located, and a point where lovers are enjoying their lives.

  1. You will see everything happening in the library except for studies

If you are going to the library to study, you might have to find a place on the floor because the chairs are filled with couples and groups of friends who are doing anything but study.

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