IoBM Podcast Explores Urban Sustainability

IoBM Podcast Explores Urban Sustainability

IoBM Podcast Explores Urban Sustainability

The Institute of Business Management (IoBM) and Umbrellium, in collaboration with the British Council, have launched an innovative artistic research residency program titled “RePlay: Reveries of an Urban Dreamland.” This program aims to reimagine urban spaces by designing novel interfaces for human and non-human interactions, fostering sustainability, and addressing the impact of climate change.

This 9-part podcast series brings together the experiences of resident researchers and guest speakers, including architects, designers, scholars, and activists from Karachi and worldwide. They discuss unique interfaces developed during the residency through playful participatory behaviors and engagement strategies. In each episode, residency curator Taqi Shaheen; artistic director Usman Haque, and residency’s design advisor Ling Tan explore legal, cultural, social, and political frameworks for human and non-human interactions. The resident artists and guest speakers focus on the disappearance of wildlife, educational tools for reconnecting with nature, reimagining possibilities for sustainable cities, new educational models, and integrating climate change knowledge into design practices. The experts featured in the series include Arif Hasan (an architect and researcher), Abira Ashfaq (a lawyer and human rights activist), Noorjehan Bilgrami (an artist and curator), Dr. Shahid Amjad (Head of the Department of Environment and Energy at IoBM), Tofiq Pasha Mooraj (a renowned gardener), Dr. Shahida Wizarat (Professor at the College of Economics and Social Development, IoBM), Mahera Omar (a filmmaker and co-founder of PAWS), and Shahzad Qureshi (founder of Karachi Urban Forest).

The podcast series includes conversations with international scholars, artists, and activists. Léopold Lambert, the editor-in-chief of The Funambulist, discusses the conception, creation, and impact of The Funambulist magazine while also sharing insights from his work on political struggles against colonial ecocides and toxic atmospheres. Hira Sheikh and Marcus Foth delve into smart urban governance and multi-species justice. At the same time, Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino highlights the moral disengagement of the design sector and how creative professionals can integrate climate change knowledge into their practice. In one episode, An-Ting, a theatre artist and composer, shares her immersive storytelling projects centered around human interactions, weaving diverse encounters into her creations and blending music with other art forms to explore the depths of the human experience.

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