Iqra University (IU) has distributed an amount of Rs 100 million among students of all levels in 2022 with an additional Rs 10 million being distributed for merit-based scholarships.

The ceremony was attended by the Chairman of Sindh Higher Education Commission (SHEC), Dr Tariq Rafi, as Chief Guest and Dr Noman Ahsan, Director General Sindh HEC as Guest of Honor.

The Chairman of SHEC, Dr Tariq Rafiq, paid tribute to the late Chancellor Hunaid Lakhani who set the standards of education and laid the foundation of this prestigious university and benefited thousands of students from the pearls of education. He also acknowledged Vice-Chancellor Dr Wasim Qazi for his continuous efforts and fervent leadership which enabled 400 students to acquire scholarships this year.

The Vice-Chancellor of Iqra University, Dr Wasim Qazi, expressed his commitment to continuing these scholarships in the future. He said, “Our aim is to raise awareness among students about educational activities so that the future generations can become its architects.”

Iqra University is a world-class institution that provides education at the national and international level. Under the leadership of Dr Wasim Qazi, the university has enabled 400 students to acquire scholarships this year, a commendable achievement. The Vice-Chancellor also acknowledged Dr Nadeem Ahsan for his presence at the event.

The scholarships are intended to make education more accessible to students and allow them to reach their full potential. Iqra University is committed to providing the best education and opportunities for its students and will continue to support them through various initiatives like scholarships.

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