Iqra University (IU) Karachi hosted a meeting cum dinner of all Vice Chancellors (VCs) of Sindh. Dr Mukhtar Ahmed, Chairman of Higher Education Commission (HEC) Pakistan presided over the meeting, and Dr Tariq Rafi, Chairman of Sindh Higher Education Commission (SHEC) also accompanied him. Almost all Vice Chancellors of public and private universities of Sindh participated in this meeting.

Chairman Higher Education Commission discussed various important matters, including the empowerment of provincial higher education commissions, the quality and functioning of affiliate colleges, the role of associate degrees, NOCs of multiple programs, and research funding to the universities.

Vice Chancellors interacted with each other for collaborations and public-private partnerships. Dr Mukhtar appreciated the efforts of Iqra University in organizing this major event. Prof Dr Wasim Qazi, Vice Chancellor of Iqra University, thanked all the Vice Chancellors, Dr Tariq Rafi, Chairman of Sindh HEC, and Dr Mukhtar Ahmed, Chairman of HEC for their participation in this fruitful meeting.

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