Iraqi Students Throng To Tahrir Square To Demand Rights

Iraqi Students Throng To Tahrir Square To Demand Rights

Iraqi Students Protest To Demand Rights

Iraq’s major cities including, Baghdad have been caught in a flurry of protests. Iraqi university students have made the Tahrir Square their temporary address until, their demands are met.

The students are protesting over unemployment, poor public services, and corruption as well as asking for the dismissal of the current Prime Minister Mohammed Allawi, who secured office after Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi on December 1.

The leaderless protestors are demanding a complete overhauling of the political system, which they believe is nothing but a rotting carcass of a system rigged with corrupt influences.

Sick of the ruling political-elite, the protestors who were initially asking for basic necessities and services are now demanding complete overturning of the political leadership.

The student resolve is never-ending it seems as Al-Jazeera reported, that students are undeterred in the face of opposition from school authorities who have banned students from holding demonstrations within school grounds, due to their political affiliations.

The protestors, all under 30 represent a key demographic, and their dissatisfaction with the current system is becoming more and more apparent with every passing day. Protests first erupted in Oct’ 2019 but took a turn for the worse when government agencies tried to suppress the demonstrators with force.

It isn’t solely the Iraqi political system that the protestors are wanting reconsideration for but of Iranian involvement and support for the current political agents.

According to reports, hundreds of civilians have lost lives in the first and second wave of protests. However, the student staged protest appears to have no end in sight until and unless the government resp

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